it was so hot today.  like living on a tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean.  hellmurder island, if you will.


Alright, I said I’d do this, so here it is. Double tailed hood pattern and instructions. Hopefully this can be of help to some of you! (And the whole cosplay is »here« by the way.)

My Fantasystuck Jade cosplay!

At Anime Milwaukee 2013.

Made from Mookie000’s fantasystuck design.

I am waiting for my professional pictures yet, but have a picture I found in tags! Original post is was here, credit goes to Implode for taking the picture.


Soo this weekend will be an exact year that I’ve been cosplaying Jade and wow does it feel like progress. Through the pictures you can see my progress and I’ve made a lot. The first picture was actually at the con last year. And the last picture is of when I recently cosplayed her for fun. I’ll be doing gt Jade again this year at the same con and I’m so excited. Time does make a difference if you set your mind to it.