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Pause Wine Bar in Hayes Valley: Vegan desserts galore (ish)!

So, Pause in Hayes Valley officially opened yesterday, Feb. 2, and it’s looking miiiiighty fine! Now, you might be asking, what does some snob wine bar have to do with you, dear vegan? Well, the desserts are provided by none other than Sarah Smart of Rocket Ship Ice Cream! We looooooove this stuff, it is so g.d. delicious, truly outstanding dessert deliciousness. 

Anyway, Pause is the sister wine/food bar to Dog Patch’s Yield (GET IT?) (snark aside, this is a delightful place for vegan lushes!) and is also owned by Millennium’s wine director, Chris Tavelli–so, uh, this dude should know from vegan options. In fact, there appear to be quite a few on their short menu. I reallllllly hope we can get that dessert sampler platter veganized! It looks hopeful, as Sarah says:

Be sure to stop by for poppyseed vegan donut holes and lemon marmalade…butterscotch and chocolate ice cream terrine from Rocket Ship Ice Cream or assorted cookies and truffles. 

Um, YUM. I will be sure to stop by. Thank you, Sarah!

[Photo from Eater SF]