728 in a nutshell
  • Violet = Viola - daughter of Riku.  That explains a lot of things.
  • The Doflamingo Family with the exception of a couple of people were fashion train wrecks ten years ago.  Not that some of them still aren’t.
  • Where the hell is the Heart Seat?  There has to be someone there.  I know that he left it occupied for Law but since Law defected that doesn’t mean anything any more.  I wonder what Law was doing then since he was already a part of Doflo’s family at that point.  Perhaps the former heart seat is the person that Law is taking revenge on Doflo for.
  • Trebol really let himself go.
  • That’s pretty unsuspicious how you came in at just the right time Doflo.
  • So who’s still the jerk of the century?
  • Franky is an emotional mess right now.
  • I’m really liking Violet.  I don’t think that I ever disliked her at all.  The pain she must of have felt is indescribable.
  • Becoming a toy sucks.
  • Law only unintentionally created the perfect opportunity for the revolution about to happen.
  • Robin joins the ranks of funny reaction faces in One Piece.
  • Barty is the ultimate fanboy.
  • Bellamy, we all know that you’ve already been charmed by Luffy.  Give up the bad boy act.