does the last one count

ubunku asked:

24, 27, 29, and 50!

( Thank you for asking senpai!! (๑>ᴗ<๑) )

24 - How many pillows do you sleep with

I think… 5? I have too many pillows. I’m selfish when it comes to comfort. 

27 - Name 5 facts about your appearance

Hmm… well, I have short dirty blonde hair, hazel green eyes, I’m 5’6, I’m way too skinny (seriously, I can see my ribs. It’s awful.), and I usually have flags painted on my nails. (Does the last one count??)

29 - What is a strange talent that you have

Hnn.. I was really hoping no one would ask this. (~_~;) Tbh I’m not even sure what I do. Um… I’m good at taming wild cats?

50 - 5 random facts about yourself

I’m v gay, Kingdom Hearts was my first fandom and it absolutely ruined my life (in a good way), I’m awful at starting conversations and, well, talking to people in general, I have nyctophobia, and kingdomheartsotaku is my girlfriend.