does the last one count

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Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly then send this to 10 followers. (unless you don't want to, but positivity is cool) B)

oh my god Krissy, I miss talking to youuu!! but really 5 things oh shit

  1. my sense of humor
  2. i make friends easily
  3. i don’t give a shit what people think or say about me
  4. my hair, sometimes
  5. idk dude that i was somehow smart enough to get into college

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holy shit

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Nicknames: Loser, ho

Current Time and Date: Tuesday, 14 April 3:53 pm

Average Amount of Sleep: 7 hours on a good day

Lucky Number: I kind of dont have one but i usually go with 9 alot

Last Thing I Googled: Abara manga

First Word that Comes to Mind: beans

One Place that Makes You Happy: anywhere with smoothies or my friends.

Favorite Characters: Midousuji, Hisoka, Gyro Zeppeli, and some other people im forgetting

Favorite Food: Anything sweet. Or spicy

Favorite Drink: Smoothies. 

Favorite Book: The Last Apprentice, Daughter of Smoke and Bones, Lost Souls. All i can remember right now

Last Film I Saw in Theaters: UMMMMMM, i dont remember

Last Holiday: Does springbreak count?

Dream Wedding: To not have one

Dream Job: If i can work with bodies(alive or dead), im cool. 

What are You Wearing: Black shirt and black shorts

Tagging: i dont feel like tagging anyone. Feel free to do this. id like to know everyone better

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Luke, Ezra, hockey, dan, fighting indie band members (does the last one count as a thing)

i will accept it only bc it’s true :)

tell me 5 things u associate me with!

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Name: Isobel

Time and date: 22:16, 27.04.2015

Average hours of sleep at night: uhh 6-8

Last thing I googled: plot summary of “Of mice and men” (English coursework)

Nickname: Isbey, Ishbel, Izzy, Izifer, Chipmunk, Toffee

Birthday: 26th June

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: straight

Height: 5′5″

Favorite color: light turquoise, white and black

One place that makes me happy: my room at like 5 am when it’s still dark

How many blankets I sleep under: 1-2

Favorite movie: Kingsman

What am I wearing right now: pajamas

Last book I read: Does manga count? In which case One Piece 12

Most used phrases: So yeah, My bad, Sorry, and then just a long string of swearwords

What I last said to a family member: Won both matches 5-0 and 3-0 (in field hockey)

Favorite  beverages: Ribena, coca cola

Favorite food: red pesto pasta

Last movie I watched: U want me 2 kill him?

Dream vacation: Japan, Canada or Australia

Dream wedding: garden wedding  in the summer

Dream pets: westie dog

Dream job: Atm, I want to be an architect, but hey any sort of designer would be awesome. (I am only 14, so chances are I’ll change my mind)

so there’s this mysterious package from fedex that they tried to deliver around noon for 3 consecutive days, but it needs a signature and i’m not home until after 3. 

tbh i don’t even know what it is, i know i didn’t order anything and i certainly didn’t request a signature on delivery. i checked my email and there’s nothin, and also kickstarter. but now i gotta drive to the fedex store w this door tag within 2 business days or it gets returned to the seller. so the last attempt was on friday, does that count as one of the business days? and they’re open today until 2, does that make today a business day

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4, 9

4. thing I regret the most is difficult - to an extent it’s the fact that I fucked up my physical health with this destructive mindset of body loathing, but it taught me infinite things I wouldn’t have learned any other way, so actually not such a regret 

9. little things on my body I like the most - the two moles/dots above my left eye brow, hair, cheekbones. does the last one even count??idk idc I’m making it count

thanks for the ask B)

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1-5 15-20

First of all God bless you, you wonderful being.

1. Last kiss

Uhhhh does kissing the top of Elise’s head count? Otherwise the last real one was months ago and with someone I haven’t spoken to in approximately the same time.

2. Last phone call

To my mom, telling her about the job I had just got!

3. Last test message

“When you come home we’ll all play it again😝” (me talking to Chris about Settlers of Catan).

4. Last song you listened to

I think it was “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap hahahaha.

5. Last time you cried

A few days ago maybe?

This year have you:
15. Made a new friend

Yes indeedy! She’s awesomesauce.

17. Laughed until you cried

Oh yeah. On more than one occasion.

18. Met someone who changed you

Hmmm… I don’t think I’ve really changed, no.

19. Found out who your true friends were

I’m going to venture ahead and say “yes” to this one, only because so many people have gone away and the ones who’ve made an effort to keep in contact with me are obviously the ones who still really care about me.

20. Found out that someone was talking about you.

My band babies back at SHS miss me.

I wonder where #16 went… Huh, strange.

Thanks for asking! 😊❤️