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Luhan was too nice of a person sometimes. It started when his old college room mate called him up asking for a temp job to get past this winter break, knowing full well that Luhan couldn’t say no 

At the time it didn’t seem like a bad idea, all he remembered were Yixing’s knack for brewing his morning cup just right, saving them both easy money during their years at university. Coffee + Yixing, was suppose to work. 

But two weeks later when Luhan’s cafe is packed in the middle of morning rush one of his two waiters called in sick —Yixing is darting through the room with plates in his hand and Luhan can barely look as he hears crashing and glass breaking.

"I’M OKAY!" 

Luhan pinches his nose and exhales. Poking his head into the back room he yells, “Zitao stop making out with the delivery boy and help out in front!” Walking back to store front he mentally prepares himself for the 10 tons of regret he will feel for hiring his dear old college roommate back into his life but instead he is greeted by a cheery face. 

Yixing extended his arm with a disposable cup in hand. 

"Coffee. Just like old times."