The Animal Connection: Why I Love Foxes [Welcome to the Fandom]

Hey guys, I know this is not a video about cute foxes jumping around or something like that but i wanted to share this with you all.

This video from dexbonus is the reason why i started this blog.

I had wanted to make a fox blog for a while but i did not think there was that big of a fandom for foxes.

This video showed me why i love foxes so much, because i want to be more like a fox. I admire foxes. For everthing they are and stand for.

So after watching this video i was like THAT’S IT! I’M MAKING A FOX BLOG!

And now we’re here.

So as a final note, thank you all so much for following. (I can’t believe there are already more then 4000 of you guys and we’re not even a year old)

You guys are the best. And i love you all <3

Welcome to my happy place! Rearranged the walk-in closet and gathered a huge pile of rainbowful clothes for #Goodwill. @hysterica30 & @maisassygirl both said the photo of my whole closet makes their brain hurt, so I’m gonna spare everyone this time by just showing you a small section 😋😋 #Onch #LifeOfOnch #HelloKitty #DreamworksHome #MrPotatoHead #MrMenLittleMiss #Moschino #Mcdonalds #Pokemon #Spam #LineHotel #Dodgers