We Finally have a 2nd Vehicle!

You guys were right about the Odyssey. Way too many miles.  I drove that thing up to my mechanic and by the time I got there, I didn’t even bother having him take a look.  I had so many issues pop up in that half hour ride…

But we found something even better.  Got ourselves an 02’ Dodge Caravan for only $1800.  And it has over 150,000 miles less on it, too. We’re super happy with it. ^.^

Love the V6 engine, love the height of an SUV, love how smooth the ride is.  It’s one of those big purchases I feel really good about, instead of super anxious.  

And it feels great to finally have a second vehicle.  We were sharing one between the four of us.  Which is really hard considering they work 5 jobs.