yo your daily reminder i am in fact majoring in graphic design and am neither a political analyst nor an activist so take everything i say regarding egyptian politics with a grain of salt as it is just my hezb el kanaba opinion and of no real value

also googling things instead of asking me may be a more reliable course of action given, once again, i am majoring in graphic design and i only know so much 


不過補了不少版權份 \ =w= / ,滿足。

recommended video games: drakengard

The Empire relentlessly advances, and the goddess Furiae, protector of the world and sister to Caim, is threatened with capture. It is an ancient time, and dragons still roam upon earth. Two great powers, the Union and the Empire, wage fierce war for the control of a goddess who protects the harmony of the world. In only a short time, the Empire has become powerful beyond reckoning, and now it turns to attack the castle where the Union safeguards the goddess. The world teeters on the brink of chaos. Its fate now lies in the hands of one man.

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hi different anon here, I feel like Egypt banned the exodus movie more for the fact that it says Jews built the pyramids rather than the inaccurate casting, it's almost as if they didn't care about the casting but when they realised it made it look like Jews built the pyramids they were suddenly "OMG this is film is inaccurate & Zionist we need to ban this!"

bro do u even listen to anything i say do u even listen bro do u lift this text bro

egypt 100% did not ban the movie for the inaccurate casting nobody in egypt gave a crap about that egypt 100% banned the movie because it depicted a prophet same as noah same as prince of egypt they just dont wanna say that because it sounds super religious and they don’t wanna give off a super religious image

all things considered jewish ppl did not build the pyramids anyway and zionists do like to claim they did (my grandmother says the israeli president actually said it to anwar el sadat’s face lmao) so thats a sore subject for egyptians either way but it wouldn’t have made a significant difference. if the film hadn’t depicted a prophet egyptians would have kicked up a fuss about it and newspapers would’ve written articles and old geezers would have rhapsodised about it on TV but it wouldn’t have been banned. i mean we release zionist crap all the time. hell those old steven seagal movies with palestinians as all the villains used to get released here. the egyptian government’s feelings towards zionism and its various portrayals are too fickle for that kind of thing.  

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I like that that person called you a bitch while telling you not to "defend sexists." Classy!

its fine bud dont sweat it they were also telling me not to defend western movies after i’d explicitly just finished slamming everything about exodus so i figure cognitive dissonance is sort of their aesthetic choice