Edward is a single father, doctor, that cares her 4 years daughter, result from a fling. At first, Kate and Edward’s plans were give the baby for adoption, but he falls for the baby in the firsts signals he watches during the Kate’s appointment, and convince her to keep him. But he discover Kate using cocaine as her pregnancy, which complicate the baby’s health during his first days of live. But the baby can recover. Still, not feeling able to care her daughter, Kate give her to Edward and disapears.

Bella is the best friend and roomate from Alice, Edward’s little sister. Amid many personals problems, as the lack of attention of her parents, his involvement with Jake, a married man, and living on a kind of self-punishment for a past wrong choice, she agrees to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in the parents’ house of Alice. Is there that she meets Edward and Emma.

While one searchs for a family to build a future, the other craves a family to atone for the past.

Will they find A Perfect Love?

A pity!!

It is the only phrase I can think when I finish reading this fic.

Although Edward and Bella’s meeting has advanced very fast (they exchange a maximum of three sentences before the sex), the story was being told very well in the  beginning.

Very Daddyward, Docward, Mommybella … Lemon scenes very tasty to read … A past of the couple extremely intriguing and with many possibilities to give an excellent content in the development of the story …

But unfortunately the author got lost, and made me crawling up the back pages extremely disappointed. Just me, who craved for a few days a good fic Daddyward. I thought I had found but I was wrong.


  • Since the first lines I already expected that in the future, Kate would disturb the Bella’s and Edward relationship, and this was very stimulant to go on reading;
  • On the beggining, Daddyward is really cute, protector, loving and also VERY SEXY;
  • Both Bella and Edward seems to have never fallen in love, and in this fic, the conection between them is strong, but not in an unreal way, as often is on the others;
  • The Bella and Jacob’s relationship is a good show of the punishment that she imposes herself;
  • The begin of Bella and Emma’s relationship, and the way that Edward watch them, is lovely.

 Nonsenses points:

  • Why on the hell Emma can accept Kate as mother of nothing, and Riley as a surrogate parent so fast, but freaks out when back at Edward and take months to get back to tolerate Bella?
  • Why on the hell the parents of Bella, who spent the beginning of the story being cited as absent parents, dare to judge her relationship with Edward as sin? And why on the hell do they tolerate this?
  • How Edward is so poor to keep a new baby and a puppy, but can afford a luxury and expensive car to Bella as if it were nothing?
  • Bella spends the beginning of the story trying to show repentance for his past mistake, acting like a mom to Emma ​​and wishing this, but suddenly when is his son, she lose even the interest to go visit him in hospital?
  • Edward is a doctor, and quotes many times be aware that hardly the risks of Bella’s pregnancy may decrease, but even then he almost attacks her verbally, after she almost died during labor and still is with high pressure?

In the last sentence of the fic, the author writes “Never Perfect,” contradicting the very title of the story. But this can’t justify my wasted time.

As I said earlier, is really a pity that a so good story has been lost about to be erased from my list.

But my taste is just one, so if you wish, read it and contradict me. Or if possible, enlighten me the WHY?