Prominent Artist Reveals The FBI Has 7,000 Pages Of Info Related To Her

Prominent Artist Reveals The FBI Has 7,000 Pages Of Info Related To Her

Molly Crabapple is an artist and writer who just revealed on Twitter that the FBI has a file with 7,526 pages in it related to her. She filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the documents but their release was delayed for no apparent reason.

The FBI now says it has 7526 pages related to me, and will start releasing them to my lawyers at a rate of 750 a month #FOIA

— Molly…

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It’s my summer, I shouldn’t be thinking about school. This is so ironic…when you’re at school all you think about is having a break, but when you are on a break you can’t help but think about school! I hope this will help other study buffs in studying and I hope it would help me ease my brain from thinking about school.

Here are the apps I’ve been using for studying alone or during lectures:

DISCAIMER: this is not a review of the apps this is just how I use them

Good Notes

This is quite expensive at $6.99, though I didn’t buy it from the app store. I got the app from a friend that has already purchased the app (I’m such a leech). I use this app mainly for reading and annotating. It is much easier to highlight with this app compared to other apps. You can also write notes or draw with this app, in fact you can create your own notebook here. Plus it can support almost all file types


I have been using this app for the longest time. I organize my files here per subject, it’s quick and easy. What’s good with this app is that it has a recent pane on the side, so you can easily access those e-books that you always use. You can choose the scroll type when reading, I change mine from time to time depending on my mood. You can highlight e-books here, but you can’t annotate, you need to buy another app so you could annotate. Anyhow you can use notes instead of annotating. Another plus for me is it’s totally free!!


This app helped me a lot in budgeting my study time. I have a very VERY short attention span so I keep my study minutes short and I have short breaks in between for me not to get bored and sleepy.

Here is my usual study routine in an hour


I use this for recording lectures discreetly, as some of the lecturers do not allow recorders/recording during their lecture. I only use the recordings for filling my notes, well you know some lecturers speak faster than my hand can write.

Hope this could help.