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my name is Sina Niemeyer. I study photojournalism in Hanover, Germany, so usually all my work is about the world we live in and us, the human being. I like the small stories, like partys for over-60-year-olds (the picture shown is from that story), but also the big topics. Injustice has always been something for me that I cannot accept and through photography I finally found a way to deal with it.

But I don’t just want to show how people suffer, I am looking for stories of success, for inspiration for others because I am convinced that only through love we can solve our problems.

When you look at my blog, I hope that my work can be an inspiration for you and the way you live and think.

Thank you.



Does Being Born to Older Parents Cause You to Think About Aging Differently?

Lydia Goldblatt’s father was 60 when she was born. Her mother was 36. As a child, Goldblatt’s relationship with them wasn’t rooted in these facts, but, as an early teen, their advanced age caused her to think more closely about aging and the passing of time. 

Although a lot of her previous work dealt with transitional themes, for a long time she had hoped to begin a project focused on her relationship with her parents. The London-based photographer spent roughly three years working on “Still Here,” which explores the fleetingness of time through images of her aging parents. It was also published in 2013 as a monograph by Hatje Cantz

“In part its about my family: It’s about my father and my mother, and the space in the relationship between them and me, but it’s also not about them,” Goldblatt said about the series. “It’s about trying to answer completely philosophical questions about what it means to exist and pass in and out of life and how we perceive time and life and where we fit and all of those impossible questions… and maybe just recognizing the questions for what they are, there is beauty in the process of simply looking for them.”

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Arvida at Home: Photographer Valerie Phillips Captures the Artist and Internet Enigma With Rainbow Hair

You’ll never meet anyone quite like Arvida Byström. Tumblr goddess, fashion icon and rainbow enigma, the 22-year-old Swede has drenched the Internet with her glitter-covered vision of the world for most of her young life. Arvida is a part-time artist, photographer, model and feminist with opinions about everything from body hair to monogamy. About two years ago, photographer Valerie Phillips fell into a serendipitous collaboration with the online sensation and the pair have been friends ever since. In Hi you are beautiful how are you, Phillips captures Arvida in the everyday, which turns out to be just as quirky, strange and ordinary as you could image.

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'Gomorrah Girl' Captures the Life of Young Women Growing Up in the Mafia-Dominated Region of Naples, Italy

“On March 27, 2004, Annalisa Durante, at the age of 14, was killed in Forcella, a Naples area under the Giuliano clan’s dominance. Annalisa and two of her friends were in front of her father’s small store, leaning on a car, talking with Salvatore Giuliano, a young Camorra boss, then 22. Everything that happens next will take only seconds but will change many lives forever.”

Gomorrah Girl investigates the fate of a generation inspired by the brutal murder of one young girl, Annalisa Durante. Living in the north of Naples near where the mafia did most of their drug dealing, photographer Valerio Spada was touched by the story of the teenager tragically gunned down in broad daylight. Annalisa was caught in the middle of a sudden crossfire intended to kill mafia boss Salvatore Giuliano. The close-range shot to the head was discovered to be from Giuliano’s weapon and she died some 48 hrs later, her perpetrator sentenced to 24 years in prison. The senseless death of Annalisa serves as a catalyst for Spada’s work, acting as both an archive of her murder and a document of what it is like for women to grow up surrounded by violence.

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Y el domingo lo que se necesita es la serie de mini docus de #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL de VANS.

Éste apartado, se llama HUSTLIN’, incluye al diseñador gráfico Aaron Draplin, que nos enseña sus colecciones de inspiración para la creación de logos, y dónde encontrar diseño en todos lados. 

Luego seguimos  con Cody Hudson también diseñador gráfico, luego con la linda Nikki Lane,  que nos cuenta cómo es vivir de gira, y ser un músico independiente, rodeado de motos, carros, tatuajes y guitarras.

Buen domingo chicas, enjoy!

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