zombiegravitation asked:

Who did your design for the TARDIS cosplay because you look perfect and its just beautiful. ive spent a while just looking at all your cosplays you're just really talented and just wow!

Aaaactually I designed it myself last year. I once saw a great Tardis outfit on deviantart which was very steampunk-y and suddenly I had all these ideas in my head to create a Tardis on my own :D

The Tardis outfit which is on my blog at the moment is already version 4.0. I wore 1.0 in London a year ago and I changed so much since then that it’s a totally new costume xD

Thank you very much <3

here’s a comparison between version 1.0 (left) and 4.0 (mid/right):  


margaerytyrellvevo asked:

You are absolutely fabulous! I wish I had the sewing skills and money to cosplay. You are literally my favorite cosplayer. Your tardis dress was divine and ahjdkekldkdnxbssj I JUST LOVE YOU LOTS and I should provay go on anon since I'm totally embarrassing myself. Oh well, feeling brave today. You are my queen and ilysm you're perf k bye


OH MY GOD thank you so much ;_______; my sewing skills are actually really limited. Nearly every cosplayer can sew better than me I suppose ^^” Your kind words make me so happy, really! LOVE YOU LOTS BACK! You’re not from Europe, so we can meet one day I presume? :)