Now what do we do with this odd intruder?

(I do hope no one notices that the TARDIS console is seen from the wrong angle here…. But i just really wanted to add it in despite not even having any references of it from that particular angle…not to mention that it implies the pegasi didn’t even go very far in. Lets just say they’d been flying around the outside of the TARDIS for a while and Matt hadn’t expected Derpy to follow him inside.

I also couldn’t help having some fun with Dalek Oswald here. Its based of a plushie I own myself and it can only say those three lines when you push its stomach. She’s ruining the mood a bit here because Matt is pretty much stepping on her, causing her to say random phrases.

I also changed my mind on what color Matt’s speech bubble should have in the middle of drawing. I’m so good at planning… Its mainly because it otherwise looks just like the Doctor’s… the other Doctor I should say. Technically they’re both the Doctor  in a way..)

Derpy sure loves her video games (besides the 3DS that is). Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to play with her what with the Earth being in near constant danger (or rather the TARDIS keeps taking us to timezones where the Earth is in danger…)

I’m glad she found someone to play with at last. Even though I’d still like to know how they do that with HOOVES. My pony-self has assured me its a lot harder than in his world, makes sense I suppose since the controllers were made for human hands… and yet I never heard Derpy complain.

I think that’s just the only thing the artist can draw..

(My defense: Matt Smith is always adorable. I do apologize for anyone who got diabetes from watching this picture. I also apologize for putting the Eleventh Doctor, River Song and Jack Harkness in one picture. Its mostly because the Doctor, in canon, is without companions at the moment so I put in River Song because she keeps popping up and Jack because Jack.)


Hundreds of years after the last human was seen in Equestria mares were still telling their foals stories about them to get them to behave..

(And we’re out of questions again. The scenes of Matt in different universes are not references to any particular blog, its just a random Doctor Whooves, a random dog, a not-so-random pony, real world and…something else.

Funny thing is I didn’t really have a good reason for why Matt was hanging out there in the first place…since he was first introduced just as a one-off gag I had to invent his backstory later on when I decided to keep him around. There are more sides to it naturally. He’s just summarizing it.)


(Fun fact: One of the first things River did, when she was just a newborn baby, was to insult the Doctor’s taste in clothing…and apparently wonder if that was his real hair… Matt Smith has wonderful hair baby River. Shut up. Oh and if you think River’s claim in this photoset is silly, take a look at the classic Who Episode Robot and see what clothing the fourth Doctor considered before settling for his famous scarf…)