You are...

You are the Adam to my Eve

The Kirk to my Spock

The Sherlock to my Watson

The Rory to my Amy

The Doctor to my River

The Mr. Tumnus to my Lucy

The Nick Frost to my Simon Pegg

The Roy to my Moss

The Hamlet to my Ophelia

The British government to my Mycroft

The Amanda Abbington to my Martin Freeman

The Smaug to my Hobbit

The Baker st. to my Mrs. Hudson

The Butter to my Bread

The Matt to my Alex

The Sam to my Dean

The Rigby to my Mordecai

… you are that and even more

Hi! I’m a multifandom blog and I post:

→ Supernatural

→ Hannibal

→ Game of Thrones 

→ Teen Wolf

→ Once Upon a Time

→ Doctor Who

→ How to get away with murder

→ Arrow 

→ The Flash

→ Sherlock 

→ The Hunger Games

→ The Maze Runner

→ Divergent

→ The Hobbit 

→ Star Trek

→ Star Wars

→ Books

→ Animes

→ Disney

→ Movies

→ Actresses / Actors

… And etc.

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Owen Parsons / Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman (Dorkly)

I’m a multi-fandom blog that mostly posts:


-Doctor Who


-Once Upon A Time

-The Mortal Instruments


-Game of Thrones

-Harry Potter


-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

-Pushing Daisies




-LOTR/The Hobbit

-The Hunger Games 

-Benedict Cumberbatch

-Tom Hiddleston

-Star Trek


-A bunch of awesome people

-And many others.

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