FYI, American and Canadian Whovians!

Stolen from the TARDIS Library main page:

US & Canada fans, be warned — BBC Worldwide Americas have confirmed a list of 19 classic series Doctor Who DVDs being deleted from their catalog in 2013, meaning that when current stocks are are exhausted, they will no longer be available from retailers.

So if any of these are missing from your collection, now’s the time to buy before it’s too late! The list of titles affected are: The Rescue/The Romans, The Web Planet, The Time Meddler, The Gunfighters, The Invasion, The War Games, Terror of the Autons, The Time Monster, Planet of the Spiders, Black Orchid, Time-Flight, The Awakening, Frontios, Planet of Fire, The Mark of the Rani, Battlefield, Ghost Light and The Curse of Fenric.

The Two Doctors is also on this list, however this is a special case as it appears likely to be re-released as a special edition in 2014, although without the Jimmy Savile content contained on the original.


Amazon has a bunch of Region 1 Classic Who DVDs on sale: 

Many other titles are also discounted in the 30something% range. I have no idea how long these discounts will last.


Well something’s early! Wasn’t expecting this until Monday at the earliest! Anyway, click on the photos for captions and stuff, the disc content is: 

Disc 1 (with Eleven on the front): 
The Name of the Doctor 
The Night of the Doctor 
Behind the scenes 
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide 

Disc 2 (with Ten on the front): 
The Day of the Doctor 
Behind the Lens 
The Last Day 
Script to Screen 
Cinema intros: Strax & the Doctor 
Tales From the TARDIS 

Disc 3 (with the War Doctor on the front): 
The Time of the Doctor 
Behind the Lens 
Deleted scene 
The Science of Doctor Who 
Farewell to Matt Smith 

Disc 4 (with Eight on the front): 
An Adventure in Space and Time 
William Hartnell: The Original 
Behind the scenes feature 
The Making of An Adventure in Space and Time 
Title sequences 
Deleted scenes 
The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot 
Doctor Who at the Proms 2013

Classic Who Boxsets Currently on Sale on Amazon (R1)

For anyone in Region 1 (or with the ability to play Region 1 discs) looking to fill gaps in their Classic Who collection:

And most single Classic Who releases (except the newest ones) are 35-40% off.

BONUS: Over at Barnes and Noble, the reissue of The Beginning box set (An Unearthly Child/The Daleks/The Edge of Destruction) is currently 40% off ($22.79).