doctor who


1. Harry Potter -  Gloucester Katedrali , Gloucester, UK  
2. The Avengers -  New York, NY, ABD
3. Forrest Gump -  Monument Vadisi, Utah, 163 yolunda
4. Breaking Bad -  Twisters, Albuquerque, NM, ABD
5. Breaking Bad - Tohajiilee Kızıldereli bölgesi, New Mexico, ABD
6. Game of Thrones -  Tollymore Orman Parkı, Kuzey Irlanda 
7. Game of Thrones -  Ward Kalesi, Kuzey Irlanda 
8. Game of Thrones -  Larrybane Ocağı, Kuzey Irlanda
9. Doctor Who -  Dunraven Bay, Wales
10. The Walking Dead - Atlanta, GA, ABD



cant believe my tiny baby is growing up to be such a vaguely evil-looking babe
im so proud


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