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I'm sorry I just saw your Human Impala cosplay and would like to know if it was for this year or last year Japanday? Because it looks really cool!

Aaaawwwww, thank you so much! It was last year, but I am still thinking what I will do this year.
I have the following possibilities:

  • Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
  • Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
  • Fem!Gary King (The Worlds End)
  • Rose Lalonde (Homestuck)
  • Human!Impala
  • If I manage to cut my black wig shorter without crying a river, Gwen Cooper (Torchwood)
  • Ooooor if I finish it in time, Aradia (Homestuck)

First off, this is the BEST nonfiction book cover I think I have ever seen!  Mary Roach’s GULP is visceral, funny, and educational- the best kind of science-for-the-lay-reader-book!

My favorite part was a section where Roach describes a doctor who used to prescribe KITTENS for digesitive issues, for the cuteness!


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NICKNAME(S): Mary-Lynn
STAR SIGN: Taurus 
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5′3″ 
TIME & DATE: 7:15 PM, May 26,2015
LUCKY NUMBER: 1,5, 15 idk if they’re lucky i just love them
LAST THING I GOOGLED: cookie in a mug
FAV FICTIONAL CHARACTER(S): oh God i’m totally on a different page these few months that i actually don’t know how to answer this. Katniss Everdee, Peeta Mellark, Finick Odair, Haymitch, a lot of characters from HG tbh,Doctor Who’s Doctor, TFIOS’ Hazel and Augustus,HIMYM’s barney and mashal and pretty much all the gang and a lot of others 
FAV CELEBRITIES: Teen Top, Bangtan boys, uniq, epik high, all time low, 30 seconds to mars,selena gomez,taylor swift,jennifer anniston, jennifer lopez and the list goes on
FAV BOOK(S): THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DON’T ASK!!! The Hunger games, TFIOS and anything written by John Green, The five people you meet in heaven and anything written by Mitch Album,the perks of being a wallflower and many more because i love books and i don’t like choosing
FAV MUSICIAN(S):  pretty much who my favorite celebrities as well as eunji and sojin and fx and ailee etc

LAST MOVIE I SAW IN THEATERS: it’s been ages since i last been

DREAM VACATION: South Korea, Tokyo, Anywhere in Europe

DREAM JOB: Being a doctor but i also like writing

OOTD: addidas black short shorts and it’s purple tank idk it’s sportswear so idk how to describe 

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Okay, so, blackbetha tagged me in a meme! I will do the meme!

We’re gonna play a new game called Top 10 TV Shows, because there’s one for films, so I’d like to do one for TV shows. Write down your top shows and tag 10 people to do the same.

1) The Legend of Korra

2) Avatar: The Last Airbender

3) Classic Doctor Who

4) Spooks

5) Orphan Black

6) Elementary

7) New-Doctor Who (though if we were talking RTD era only it would be higher)

8) BBC Merlin

9) Game of Thrones (I guess??)

10) idk… like… Torchwood? Maybe?

So, I hope you were interested in that little thing. I will tag…

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Im pretty sure this is the one with tens… so answer ten questions, ask ten questions, and tag ten people…

1. If you could change the course of past history in a way that would prevent a massive disaster without causing any paradoxes, would you?


2. What is your favourite time of day?

i really like midnight and early morning when the sky is still purple.

3. How would you describe your aesthetic?

wings? flowercrowns on grumpy people maybe? a lot of darkness and blues and purples?? snakes? idk what an aesthetic is really.

4. If you could speak to one author, who would it be?

oscar wilde i think. id kind of wanna cry and hug him though. (im so sorry this is so vague gosh)

5. Ten fandoms that have influenced your life?

switchfoot honestly even though i never listened to them. their fandom is lovely. star trek, doctor who, marvel, dc, harry potter, percy jackson, fma, star wars, and merlin.

6. What instrument(s) do you play?

i played the drums for about 7 years but now i play piano because i honestly dont listen to music that has drums in it. 

7. Do you have any pets?

yes! my family owns a dog that it so big everyone calls him a horse. I have a cat and leopard gecko that are mine though. 

8. Last book you read?

ehhheheheh…. kenobi. its a star wars book. its my second star wars book. (im not embarrassed youre embarrassed)

9. What is your favourite piece of art?

currently? ill put a picture under a cut at the end. it may be nsfw, i mean it has a butt in it. ill describe it though. its a women holding a snake and she has wings. the artist was really good with gravity though so her skin is amazing.

10. You can stop one character from dying. Who is it?

james potter. lupin would be happy and not so ragged. sirius would never go to azkaban. harry would be loved. it would probably be better off for everyone.

Okie my questions!! (fun fact: i had to rewrite these because they were too dark. what is wrong with my brainnn mannn)

1. if you could choose your animagus, what would you choose?

2. would you rather be transported to the marvel world and have no superpowers or would you rather have superpowers in our world?

3. if you could choose to go into a fictional universe, which would you choose?

4. if you were actually transported into a fictional world, how would you react?

5. would you rather be forced to watch an awful anime for two days straight or never be able to watch a show that everyone is raving about?

6. do you wear glasses?

7. what would your patronus be?

8. what type of clothes do you wish you could wear and what kind of clothes do you actually wear?

9. what are some fandoms that you like but you never really blog about?

10. what kind of hair do you have? (long/short? blonde/brown? straight/curly?)

I am tagging! birdandthewyrm  smaugthekindofokay  more-than-useless the-movie-that-was-never-made smauglovesnaps mandpandt  ice-ninja-lover elephantanddragon shieldmaidenofgallifrey  and storytellingfortheking

feel free to do it if you want to and feel free to NOT do it if you dont! :)

heres the painting i mentioned :)

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