It’s still the weirdest thing to work at a doctors office and have half the staff be anti-vaccination. Like… You guys give vaccinations for a living… You know that right…?

On this weeks episode, Jill and Derick visit their midwife. OMG! What’s up with her backwoods midwife and her falling down, ghetto house? I was aghast!! Really Jill-you would choose THAT instead of a modern, clean doctor’s office. Wow.
Big Brother (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Requested by anon: Can you write a Nate imagine where you and Nate find out you’re pregnant with your second child so after a doctors appointment you go over to his parents house where your son Noah was at for the day with Stew and Kaylan and you announce the good news (MASTERLIST)

Nate and I walked inside the doctor’s office as we held hands. My hands were hot from the nerves. As I stepped into this office, I would know if Noah would have a baby sister or brother. “I’m nervous.” I quickly said.

“Don’t be, baby. You did it once, and you did great. It’s going to be okay.” He smiled while slightly squeezing my hand.

“Mommy! Daddy!” I heard the little one say as we stepped into Nate’s parents their house. Noah ran up to us and hugged my leg.

“Hi buddy! Did you have fun with Stew and Kaylan today?” Nate asked Noah while lowering to his height.

“Yeah! They taught me how to control a car!”

“A car?” I asked in disblief.

“A toy-car.” Stew assured. I laughed and walked over to the livingroom where Nate’s parents were watching TV.

They both greeted me as I sat down, not being able to wait to tell the good news. “Guess what?” I asked them. Nate entered the room with Noah and sat down next to me. They both looked at us with curiousity. “Noah’s having a baby brother or sister!” I nearly squealed.

“What?!” Noah asked.

“You’re gonna be a big brother, baby!” He suddenly started gasping and looked at Nate. “Really, daddy?!”

“Yeah, buddy!” He said while hugging Noah.

“Are you serious, (Y/N)?” Nate’s mom asked me while smiling widely. I nodded and looked at her happily. “Nathan, you’re making me feel so old! Congratulations!” She said while walking over to us. She happily hugged us and I swear, I could see a tear.

“That’s my boy. Congratulations, to you both!” Nate’s father said as he smiled.

“Wait what?!” Kaylan and Stew said at the same time while walking in.

“Congrats, bro!” Stew said while patting Nate’s shoulder. He had been smiling all the time and he looked genuinely happy.

“You deserve it all, man.” Kaylen winked at Nate.

“I love you.” Nate whispered as he kissed me cheek.

“I love you too.” I grinned back at him.

| SHORT I KNOW! But I’m trying to make the best of it lmao.

oh yeah while i was sitting in the doctors office waiting to be seen earlier this morning there was a guy sitting not too far from me and a lady came on the TV saying “us as women can do as much as a man when it comes to engineering and computer science” a university ad basically

He just starts laughing and goes “yeah right shut the fuck up bitch” and shook his head like?????

I just stared him down until I got called back and he looked back but looked away all scared like i live in the south so the misogynistic rednecks here are everywhere like v positive myself and many others girls are majoring in CS doing just fine you sexist piece of dog shit :^))

Dude, this Doctor’s office is so privileged. I walk in, because making an appointment is too much of an anxiety. The lady that greets me is nice, then she finds out I don’t have an appointment.

Her voice and face changed into the most condescending “Oh.”. I hate this doctor’s office.


The Door at the End of the Hall (Story from a real cop.)

“Myself and a buddy on my squad responded to an alarm. The incident location was an old office type building that had been converted to doctor’s offices. There was a pharmacy attached to it. Our dispatch received a motion signal from an upstairs office. Key holder arrives on scene and we go in to secure the building. The stairs were locked behind a door that, of course, the key holder didn’t have keys to, so we took the elevator up to the second floor (not the most tactically sound option, I know).

Elevator opens to a pitch black hallway… except for one overhead light at the end of the hall. We start checking doors, and so far all are secured. We get to the last office, and sure enough, the door is unlocked. We make entry and observe it to be an unused office. The door opened to a sizable waiting room and reception area. There were about 10 or 12 exam rooms, all cleared with no hiccups.

We exit the office and immediately, something seems off. That is when I realize the overhead light at our end of the hallway that had been on was now off, replaced by another light over by the elevators. I look at my squad mate and he is completely white. I ask him what is wrong and he says, “Weren’t all those doors we just checked closed and locked?” I tell him “Yeah, so?” Buddy says, “Well now they’re all standing open.” Sure enough, all the offices down the hallway we had just checked were now standing open. Pucker factor sinks in at this point.

So we start clearing offices and securing offices. We finish the last office, and on our way out, just before we turn the corner to get into the waiting area, the main door just slams shut. Then, our radios start going nuts with some kind of static feedback. Now I just want to get the hell out of there.

We get back in the elevator and head down to the first floor to make contact with the key holder again. However, key holder is nowhere to be found. I contact dispatch and request a call back number for the key holder so I can advise him of what we found. Dispatch states that the key holder was still en route to us and was advising an ETA of 5 minutes. I advise dispatch that we had already been out with the key holder. Dispatch requests I give them a call.

I call dispatch and she tells me that there is no way we were out with a key holder. She states that the alarm company had only just made contact with one. Eventually, the “real” key holder arrives on scene and I ask her about the man that had let us in the building (the first key holder). She asked me to describe him, so I did. She states that that sounds like one of the doctors that used to lease the office on the second floor AT THE END OF THE HALL. She then states that he had committed suicide at his summer home several days ago.

I still won’t go back there.”