Just went to the doctor’s office, and according to my doctor the headaches I’ve been having are definitely tension headaches. I’m going to start some light working out and maybe do a week-long painkiller cure to break the bad spiral I’ve fallen into, and that should help. Getting more iron might also help, so I’ll give that a go as well.

Remember to take care of your bodies while studying, darlings. Stretch, walk around and watch your posture.

okay, storytime

I was five years old when I got the chickenpox vaccine, and it had only come out in the US like three years before so it was super new

on the way to the doctor’s office, my mom stopped at the shoe store, and I went and played with some other kids who were there with their mom

these kids, incidentally, really obviously had chicken pox, but I didn’t know that because I was five, so we played together no big deal

now, my mom sees and freaks out, and we went straight to the doctor’s office and I got vaccinated and miraculously never actually caught anything from them

but I kind of have to wonder what those kids were doing in a public place when they were clearly sick

and what would have happened if I hadn’t or couldn’t have gotten the vaccine

what a week
  • Started with an early trip to Minneapolis on Monday morning. Left my house at 4:00am and returned at 1:00am. What was supposed to be a quick day trip turned into a 21 hour trip.
  • Unfortunately, I have meetings scheduled for the next 5 Mondays which means I sometimes have to fly out on Sunday night. Boo. 
  • Went to a funeral on Tuesday.
  • Learned we had another unsuccessful cycle trying to get pregnant.
  • Also learned that we have exhausted the rounds that my insurance covers so the next three will be 100% our responsibility. Thank you dick insurance for nothing. The meds alone are around $3500 not including the monitoring and doctor office visits. Yeah, this is gonna be expensive. 
  • I ran into a pole picking up work stuff at my storage unit putting a huge dent in my company car. Opps! I told the repair place that someone hit my car in a parking lot while I was grocery shopping. They didn’t believe me for a second. He said it looked like I actually hit a yellow pole. I stood strong that it must have been a yellow taxi that hit me, yeah, yellow taxi! The guy providing the estimate ($1300 of damage btw) to my company promised not to tell them the truth. I maintained my poker face and told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. Fingers crossed he doesn’t rat me out!

Steven Moffat Appreciation

     ↳ Osgood

One of the most touching tributes to come out of the Doctor Who 50th special was the one to the fans through the character of Osgood. There, in the background of what was the most important negotiation in history, without anyone noticing, Osgood saved the world.

She could have easily sabotaged the Doctor’s plan by telling Kate to check her pockets, but instead of choosing to divide, Osgood chose to be kind. Becoming the bridge, the one who was willing to connect with what everyone had been so afraid of.

She had been neither cruel nor cowardly. And I think that’s why Steven wrote her in wearing the scarf. Because, really, anyone, anywhere, through kindness and courage, can be the Doctor. If that’s not the greatest tribute to the fandom, I don’t know what is.