for robin

when i heard that
robin williams died
i got drunk and walked
to the beach and got
blisters on my feet.

i watched the sun
set into the ocean,
watched the waves
rush up on to the shore
as the tide was receding.

i watched that old star
go down into the

anonymous said:

you and docmarek are talking a lot, you guys should write a collaborative piece together!

Holy shit, this might be the best message I’ve ever gotten. That would be super fun to do! It’d be interesting because our style is different, let’s see what he thinks? :)

naked poetry

i write poetry naked
and nobody even knows it.

and i feel like my
nakedness is somehow
revealed in my diction

and my madness
in my syntax,

and the fact that i
once loved you
seems to show up

in the lines i break
which don’t need fixed,
in my opinion.


i opened my eyes to a
world of decay

babies born in trash bags
without instructions on
how to raise them,

& so we set their tiny bodies
in front of televisions in
times square and computers
in our basements

learn to live, honey,
learn to love.

& i did.

in your skin

i never got that tattoo removed.

the one on my ankle
that fits into yours,
the puzzle piece
that we clenched our teeth for
in the dingy parlor on the
corner of walnut and main,
i’m sure you remember.

and i imagine you’re
walking around somewhere
with it still in your skin, too,
just like me,
like we used to be,

thinking love
was permanent

thinking love
was forever.