We are pleased to announce that Flashframe will exclusively bring two pieces from filmmaker Tristan Anderson. Deadbeats is a cross between Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Spaced, Black Books & Stephen Frears High Fidelity. Set across one day in one of the last remaining independent record shops in London this short has every potential to be a television series in it’s own right. Continuing on from Deadbeats is a short documentary exploring concerts that are conducted on the premises of Daycare centres and Hospitals. This rare look into a slice of life that many (myself included) know existed is intriguing and genuinely heartfelt. Both projects will be followed by a Q+A with the Tristan (the director of both projects). 

What Did November Bring me?

Hmmm, well it was a lively month of collaborating, living, ideas, meetings and more importantly lots of laughs.

Onedotzero Cascade was part of the Onedotzero Festival this years at the BFI. My team Pixel Warriors and other great groups from this year project presented our idea to an amazing crowd at the BFI.

The Idea Tap Innovator Fund went to two great teams What If and Puzzel :) well done chaps!

I loved every second of being on this amazing education platform and will stay in touch with the ones who made me chuckle yes you Jake Dowling and others :)

Another great opportunity came into my path last month was DocHeads presenting a Bootcamp with the legend himself Paul Watson!!!! Before I blab on about it, may I say the wine and food he offered us was immense, till this day I smile when I think of the food.

Anyway back to Doc Bootcamp, several others and I ate (lots) and talked about our current ideas, to get feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISIM. Which is not around a lot these days I must say.

So you DOC lovers out there need to get too know about this great company called DocHeads:

"Every two months, we get together in our Brick Lane venue. We invite filmmakers to submit their films in advance, anything from 3 to 30 minutes. The emphasis is on quality, and a program that fits well together and will simulate thought and debate. Each filmmaker is present at the event, and afterwards we all head up to the bar to – well, talk and drink."

So roll on DocHeads 14th December looking forward to it :)!!!!!


Thanks November!