Now I’ve lost 2 of them… T~T

(VDC Day 5 part 2. Done quicky since I forgot the deadline. I actually teared up towards the end of adding the dialog)

(featuring JunesPony and Inkie)

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Yosuke: “EVERYPONY LISTEN! We need to outrun this thing since we can’t fight it! Teddy, help the grey mare, she’s too injured to run like this by herself. We need to go NOW!”

Cutie: “But what about Doccy?”

Yosuke: “Oh right…Cutie Pie…well- Doccy flew off in his spaceship after he slowed down the monster for us…”

Cutie Pie: “DOCCY’S GONE??? But- he couldn’t…he wouldn’t…is he ever coming back?”

Yosuke: “Um…I don’t think so, Cutie. But he told me to tell you to be strong for him and to always smile…”

Cutie Pie: *sniffle* “I’ll stay strong and always smile for you…Goodbye, Dadd-

*stops herself* …I mean, goodbye Doccy


The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS. He was done. After what had happened - again - he was done. No one would convince him otherwise. Her name was Sarah. The Doctor knew he couldn’t open up to anyone - not quite yet - but that happened. Then she got hurt - died - on a planet different to her own. She had only wanted to see what the TARDIS was, and ended up being shipped away to the other planet.

And now The Doctor was back - on Earth. He couldn’t have saved her. And that was what he was sick of. He can never save anyone he loved. They always paid the price. Now? He’s not even sure what he would do. It wasn’t long until Christmas, 2012. He might go back in time. Spend a few weeks at Christmas - helping children. He could go to a different planet - introduce Christmas. Or just stay in his TARDIS. Stay - alone - there. He was just done. He didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

He looks at his surroundings. He found himself in an area where he wasn’t familiar with. Could’ve been England - could’ve been America. Could’ve been anywhere - he didn’t know, or care. He only hoped he didn’t bump into anyone.

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チーナ - テレビドラマ
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@shakasisulu giving us a quick intro on what the #FrontlineStates doccie is about.