In the past two months you’ve: 

-Made journals and several twitter posts about the new TMNT movie

-Went as far as to get depressed by the fact that it was doing well in the box office 

-Complained about your trolls and critics several times

-Complained about how Nintendo decided to present that Samus alt costume for Smash 4

-Tried to white knight for the morally bankrupt Zoe Quinn by complaining about how horrible the vidya industry is

-Complained that Phil Fish was being misrepresented by the media

-Complained about corruption in Ferguson (this one’s okay in my book but it still counts as a complaint)

-Complained about how 3D movies aren’t as “crisp as they used to be”

-Complained about rape culture because of a Family Guy/Simpsons skit

-Complained about animals getting killed in movies “for the sake of the plot”

-Same as above but it gets another slot for how stupid it is: complained about the new Mad Max trailer featuring a CGI lizard getting stepped on

I’m pretty much just going through his journals current to previous at this point. I’m still on August so there’s another month to go.

-Complained about people saying they had a bad influence on your art

-Complained that people were calling the black girl in your shitty pirates comic, sexist and homophobic

-Complained about Dashcon

-Complained that you didn’t like it when people altered your comics for parody art

-Complained about the new Sailor Moon cartoon

-Complained about people saying “Not all men” when feminists generalize an entire sex. Gosh, why are women so overly-emotional, eh Dobbles? 

-Complained about sexism in the cartoon industry after Skylar Page, a mentally ill man sexually harassed a co-worker in one of his fits of insanity

-complained that people were calling you a social justice warrior 


There you go, the end of August to the beginning of July. A little less than two months and this list has already gotten too long. 

I don’t really care about the fact that you complain a lot. I just think 90% of your complaints are stupid. Maybe you should try drawing something you like rather than hate. Do a nice little picture of your blue bear sitting down enjoying a good video game or something if it really bothers you that people say your comics are all complaints. 

I don’t know what Dobson’s job is or why it’s so bad that he has to pretend a Non Disclosure Agreement means he’s not even allowed to describe what field it is (retail, etc) but I’m pretty sure wherever he works, fucking your way to the top of the ladder would be frowned upon. 

This man doesn’t live in the real world and he’s hardly a functioning adult if he can’t understand the difference between a work relationship and a breach of ethics. A work relationship would be this:

You’re single. You meet up with a co-worker on your time off, chat up, start to enjoy each other’s company, and eventually you both start to connect with each other. You then date and screw and all that for reasons that are not to benefit you in the workplace as in you do not have an ulterior motive.

This is not a work relationship:

You’re already in a relationship with another guy. You then decide to have sex with journalists to give your project a good review. You have sex with indie devs to get them to help silence critics. You have sex with contest judges so your game can win a shitty indie contest. All of this is for the benefit of your career and not because there’s any emotional attachment. 

If this happened to Dobson as in someone he thought loved him freely went out and had sex with a bunch of people to promote herself, he’d be pissed off as all hell as he should be but when it doesn’t happen to him, when he’s observing from the side lines, somehow it’s completely excusable. Tom is an immoral piece of shit. 

News: Sentencing in Stephen Lawrence case due later today

The two men found guilty of murdering Stephen Lawrence will be sentenced later today after the culmination of an 18-year battle for justice.

In 1993, 18 year old Stephen Lawrence was fatally stabbed at a bus stop in Eltham, London, in a racially motivated attack.

Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris, 35, were found guilty yesterday following a six-week trial that hinged crucially on new evidence brought forward by the prosecution.

Prosecutors presented forensic evidence that showed hair, tiny droplets of blood and minute textile fibres from clothes all belonging to Stephen Lawrence, had been found on the clothes of the two defendants.

Police surveillance tapes were also shown to the jury; one showing both defendants in a house with friends, one of them wielding a knife and making racially aggressive comments. Another showed Dobson refusing to answer police questions about the drops of blood found on his clothing whilst under interrogation. Lawyers for the two men later claimed that their clothes had been contaminated by police after years of handling evidence.

Gary Dobson and David Norris will be given mandatory life sentences and will both be sentenced as juveniles as they were both under-18 at the time. Police have identified 9 other suspects who may have been with Dobson and Norris that night, and are hoping Gary Dobson might now reveal their names following his guilty verdict.

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