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Qualifying Round 3 at the 2013 Ichigaya DOA5U tournament.


30 Day Dead or Alive Challenge ☆ Day 22 - A part of your favourite game that made you frustrated

I already said that Ultimate 2 was my favourite (it’s kinda tied with 5 right now). The major thing I don’t like about the game is the Tengu boss fight at the end of everyone’s stories. I find it very hard to beat him, and I hate how the screen goes all blurry when he lands a punch - which is often. Plus, he’s the most useless boss in terms of providing to the plot. He’s just so annoying.

The second negative is more of a nit-pick. I understand why they put Hitomi in the game, and I do like playing as her. She’s pretty good in DOAU2, but I would have loved it if there was other DOA3 characters in the game as well. I would have loved to play as Christie in it :(