travelling books update: 

we’ve had almost 100 entrees to this project and we’re really excited about it! 
here’s a few of our favourites pinned out on the wall map. it looks like we might have to do one uk/europe book one american book, and if we get a few more entrees from ozz then we’ll have to send one down under too!!

please do keep them coming we’ve got 3 whole books to fill!
you can ->apply here<- 

DO.t issue 2!

it’s finally here! IN PRINT! the lastest issue of DO.t, 102 pages of awesome content from some of the best contributors to designers of tumblr. we’ve been working really hard to get his one just right with a 4-5 page feature on each person you can really get to know the people that make this blog awesome! you can order your very own copy for just $24.40 (£15) or order a Digital download for just $1 (62p)!!! plus you can pay with paypal!

issue one is also available in print!

plus issue one & all future back issues wil now be FREE to download on the ipad!! via this app (link)  just search designersof and hit download!

(click through to see some more juicy pics of it in print!)

in this issue: 

Mattias Adolfsson 

Qori Hafiz 

Alberto Gagliardi 

Kirsten Renz 

Stephanie Jessica Lau

Hannah Jackson 

Daniel Vanbeek 

Ena Bacanovic 

Viii Years 

Inflow Design