“…My God. Oh my God.”
“Hydra really did a number on him, didn’t they?” Tony was trying to sound nonchalant, but the tightness in his voice and the tension in his shoulders betrayed his uneasiness. “Must be a nightmare, getting him through airport security.”

From my fic-in-progress, Technical Issues. lord knows if i’m ever going to finish and post it 

when will parents get it thru their heads that celebrities are jst regular people with a spotlight on them and not role models & if your kid grows up to be shit then it isn’t because they listened to nicki minaj


I’ll spare you my face now and go with the last selfie i have.
So I was tagged by barrchat to do the 20 beautiful people thing. Merci Aurélie
In no particular order I’ll tag dre4mawake what-a-fine-mess thishazyhead-ofmine delightful-y presenting-julia smell-just-as-sweet scarlettstarshine vision-o-f-division nineteentwenteas shereadsmydreams kingandrabbitheart scumbagcityblues queeneimear please-judge-me lastshadowmuppet suxpistol dayoldblacktreacle icouldbeyourmysteryman perksofbeingme–xx wankstrypes

Not as cool as a D-Wheel, but still pretty badass.



Picture by Elentori

- Inspired by ‘I will not bow’ - Breaking Benjamin

Highly recommend that you listen to the song while reading this

Setting: In a Hellish world where the Apocalypse is happening.

Warning: Dark, character deaths, Evil Bill. Have I mentioned Dark?

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This is a first world problem but I’m so mad

anonymous asked:

Okay but why are you getting so mad about the Harry bottoms joke?? You wouldn't be mad if it was the other way around. :/

yes i would and i don’t reblog these things. also i literally said why i don’t like it but people tends to not read what they don’t like so let me repeat it in other words:
 i have my preference when it comes to reading and drawing, which people had a BIG PROBLEM with because it wasn’t according to their liking. but i don’t force it into everything they do in real life, that’s so tiring and annoying. it’s not even a joke, people try so so hard to put their preference into everything the boys do, it’s never neutral or focused on anything else than their sexual life. that’s for fics and fanarts.
come back when you have a valid point, i’m in no mood for this