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I feel like I’m about to start crying over your OCs. I wonder if they’d even recognize each other though, since it’s been so long.

You and me both. ;__;

Yeah, it is a bit unlikely since Bron was only fifteen when he took off, and he’s been gone for nearly twelve years. Still, sometimes I like to toy with this scenario where traveling Daela happens to bump into Bron on the Riften marketplace. Her eyes widen in recognition, and she silently mouths his name… and then she promptly punches him straight over the railing and into the canal like “ARE YOU SERIOUS, BRON, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG I WAITED FOR YOU TO COME HOME, YOU ABSOLUTE FETCHER?!”


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He stares up at the Pookan for quite some time, mulling over his words before he chortles, then chuckles, covering his mouth. His worries ebbed away in an instant as he reached up and took one of Aster’s paws.

Stars above Aster do you think I have any idea what I am doing? I assure you, I do not. Relationships are complex and confusing… love is confusing to me…” He sighs.

He idly pets the paw before him. “At the same time, I worry if I might offend you, if some action I take might hurt you inadvertently. But then I remember how long we have known one another, and how much faith we have.” Finally his gaze meets that of the male. “I know we have a bond of trust. That neither of us would harm the other intentionally, ever.”

“Books and tradition be damned. We should court as we wish. Even if it is awkward and haphazard. I do not expect this to be perfect, neither of us have any idea what we are doing. But we wouldn’t be trying if there wasn’t hope of what could be.” He sighs.

“We should just take our time. Relax.” He held the paw gently between his hands. “I apologize for being overzealous with my gifts. When I obtained that book I thought it might show me what to do, because, to be quite honest, I was at a loss the moment you told me I could court you.”

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What was it like working with Tom Hanks ?

It was really good at first. He took care of me. He showed me the ropes when it came to acting.

But all of that changed when he lost me in the ocean. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG I WAS OUT THERE?!
I had to fight off sharks and all sorts of other scary ocean stuff. Have you even fought a shark? It’s tough. Especially when you’re a damn volleyball with no hands.

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Do you have any idea how long it took me to figure out all of TVXQ's different names and when they're used and why? And yet I still don't know the answer to your question. TVXQ is flashier looking than DBSK? And what's better if you say "TVXQ" to someone in Korea they will likely have no idea who you're talking about. It's just "dong bang shin ki." So confusing, guys. And then there's Japan...

Like!! I don’t get it? I would understand if they had like a huge career in China and did a lot of stuff in mandarin but they…Don’t.

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hello! muggle studies was awesome, loved the twist and cynical!tae. would you be writing more of that potterAU? aaaand just re-read little whispers and was moved to tears by the ending again :')) it's just so beautifully written! can't wait for more of that au too. thank you bry for sharing your fics with us <3

omg i’m sorry this took me so long to reply to, i thought i’d replied :( thank you though!!! i could do but honestly i don’t have any ideas for the au i literally banged that out in like an hour??? or less than that probably so idk, we’ll see haha. ahhh i’m glad u like it!! i’m working on a sequel to little whispers but i wanna make sure it’s not rushed because i know how much people love the original haha (the pressure OTL). 

Still kind of annoyed about this. I had a friend over earlier & he noticed all my unfinished paintings/drawings & asked why I hadn’t finished them & then went on to say that if he was into art he wouldn’t be able to stop until be finished a project. It was just like really? Do you have any idea how long one painting takes? Sketching it takes an hour minimum if it’s something you’re familiar with & if it’s a new concept it usual takes me around 4 hours just to sketch. Then I always spend at least 5 hours straight painting, I usually keep going until my eyes hurt & my back is sore & it’s 4am & I need to go to bed. It’s basically impossible to finish a painting in one setting, for me anyway, bc they take around 14 hours to complete, my longest one took 40+ hours to do. Plus my head doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you need a break from something so you start a new project & come back to it when you feel inspired again. I don’t know I’m probably taking it too hard it’s just annoying he acted like I wasn’t serious bc I don’t finish projects in one sitting.