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if i wanted to learn about reading tarot, where should i start? are there useful links online? i tried to google something but i don't know which sites are reliable and which ones are not :( help, please?

i mean i am going to kill the magic here for a second because i don’t wanna, like, actively deceive anybody as to what i believe & think: no sites are reliable. the original 15th-century italians are not reliable. tarot cards are not reliable! they are made up.

tarot cards are cool because a) they’re medieval fortunetelling, which is really neat; and b) they’re a really, really effective way to sort out your thoughts. people sometimes say “oh, they’re deliberately vague, they’re designed to apply to any random situation”; this assessment is completely accurate. it is a feature, not a bug.

what tarot cards are useful for is allowing you to listen to advice that you wouldn’t be willing to hear from yourself, or allowing you to turn what you think is a confusing and weird and incomprehensible problem into a clear, simple, solvable narrative. the act of asking tarot cards a question forces you to clarify what’s going on in your head and your life. that’s inherently valuable as an act.

(it’s also weirdly comforting to know that 15th-century italians had, more or less, the same little triumphs and obstacles that you have today: you’re not being recognized for your hard work, you’re spending money too much or not enough, you have an important test coming up, you’re feeling pleasantly nostalgic, someone is lying to you, you can’t seem to shake off your grief, you just found something you thought was lost, you’re confident, you’re overworked, you’re loved, you’re lonely. seasons change but people don’t, etc.)

this is not to say that i don’t totally respect people who believe in using tarot cards as a legitimate tool for divination! i think that’s totally cool! but i wanna make it totally clear that i don’t share that belief, and for that reason, any answer i give to this question is going to be “you can more or less make it up as you go along and it’s not actually going to make that much of a difference re: accuracy.”

so in that light, these recommendations are not so much reliable sites as useful sites; they contain lots of information on different spreads, ways to read the cards, reversed and upright interpretations, etc. is some of this information made up by the authors of the sites? sure. but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth writing down, memorizing, and using in tarot readings.

tarotlore is pretty fuckin’ rad when it comes to tarot card meanings: it has excerpts from a.e. waite’s pictorial guide to the tarot as well as some other well-known tarot books.

learn tarot is also great; i’ve linked you to the page that shows each individual card, and here’s one that gives you a guide to celtic cross spreads.

psychic revelation has a shitton of possible spreads you can use, which is great.

tarot: the royal road is far and away my favorite tarot site of all time. it contains not only long, involved entries on each card, upright and reversed (including associated herbs, runes, dates, astrological connections, and numerological connections) but also ways to interpret the cards in conjunction to each other— the two of pentacles next to the ace of wands may foretell an upcoming opportunity for a new job, for instance. this is rad shit.

hope this was helpful!


I am a STRONG, young woman. I’ve fought long and hard to get to where I am now. Yeah, I’m still sorting through things and patching myself up where I need to. But I’m recovering. Because I’m DETERMINED. I won’t let you stop me. I have AMBITIONS and DREAMS. I AM A STRONG WOMEN.

Maybe I wasn’t born with a vulva or xx chromosomes. But I’m a blossoming women. I’m ready to discover my potential. But what I have to say is that I’m VALID. Just because I have male parts does not invalidate me as a WOMAN. I dress feminine like and have a light hearted girly spirit to me. Sure, I like computer programming, coding, and video games. But this does not invalidate me. How I choose to EXPRESS myself doesn’t make me less of how I IDENTIFY. And sure, I still have male features. Yes, they get to me sometimes. But you don’t have the right to CALL ME OUT on them. I’m aware of how I look. But let me tell you this. I am BEAUTIFUL. I am a beauty because I am a LIVING BEING and that is wonderful. I AM A STRONG WOMAN.

You can’t tear me down. I’ve learned to build myself up. And I love myself. I am not a LABEL. I’m much more than that. I am many things. I am a student, a young woman, an advocate, a friend, an aspiring artist, a dreamer, a romantic, a supporter, a gamer, a princess. I can be anything I want to be. I AM A STRONG WOMAN.

Take charge, be strong, eyes forward, love yourself.

"I can do this!" Just say it.

Because you can do this.

I believed in myself.

And I believe in you.

Now you believe in you.

That’s when the magic will start.

We Wear The Mask That Grins And Lies- Kazer AU

Jonathan Toews, farm owner and guardian of his nephew, is in desperate need of capable farm hands. Patrick Kane certainly does not fit the description but when a mutual friend confides in him that Patrick has lost everything he owned and is in serious need himself and offers Jonathan money to hire him, how can he say no?
Patrick Kane loves statistics and spending his money on thoroughly planned ‘adventures’ for his friends when he’s not partying away the rest of his fortune. If he wins the bet he can continue to plot freely but if he loses his extra curriculum activities have to stop. He agrees to go on an ‘adventure’ himself and settles in the Toews Farm posing as a farm hand. But as the time goes by, the less pretend it feels-and the more he enjoys Jonathan and Etienne’s company and the quite life in the farm; to the point where he’s not sure whether he wants to win the bet or lose…

Don't greet Germans with the Nazi salute
  1. it’s highly offensive in multiple ways and towards multiple kinds of people
  2. it’s literally illegal in Germany and Austria
  3. don’t start singing “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” as well, it’s not part of the German national anthem anymore 
  4. it’s not even funny
  5. also don’t draw swastikas on their stuff wtf is wrong with you
  6. just don’t

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Okay, without giving too much away: Harry and Louis aren't subtle at all when not in public. Regarding dressing rooms, hotel rooms or PDA. They don't snog or full on cuddle with an audience (f.x. at award shows), but at after parties/parties when cameras are not allowed/are extremely frowned upon, they absolutely don't care. If you're in a room with them, you know they belong together. No questions asked. People know and accept and respect that. It's an open secret that's kept well. For now.

“If you’re in a room with them, you know they belong together.”