*gets killed by a zombie 30 seconds later and loses everything*

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 156 - Shopping List X Part 2

the nordics and snuggling

aph finland: Finland is a little snuggle bunny. he’ll curl up in sweden’s arms, humming under his breath with eyes fluttered shut and a content smile on his lips. he’s all soft and squishy - perfect for cuddles.

aph sweden: Sweden may be big and strong, but he gives amazing snuggles. He folds Finland to his chest, wrapping him in a cocoon, sheltering him from the rest of the world. He rests his head on top of finland’s, occasionally pressing a kiss to his crown. His solid chest vibrates softly with each breath. 

aph iceland: Iceland pretends he hates snuggles. He rolls his eyes and mutters about his ‘stupid family’, but when den and nor and sometimes sweden and finland all initiate a cuddle pile, iceland will won’t admit that he never feels so warm, so happy and protected than when he’s surrounded by his ludicrous, dorky family.

aph norway: norway is like a cat; you can’t just snuggle him - you have to let him come to you. (this doesn’t stop denmark, though.) When he does start snuggling you, however, his cuddles are soft, cool, delilcate. Norway will touch all of you - he’ll play with your hands, comb his fingers through your hair, and tangle your arms and legs together. Sometimes, late at night, he’ll trace patterns along the hot skin of denmark’s back and shoulders with a lethargic finger while denmark sleeps.

aph denmark: denmark will give you all of his love in his snuggles. He presses himself against norway, eyes closed and smiling fondly. He nuzzles his neck, brushing his lips under his jaw, and blowing softly on his earlobe. Denmark is a walking furnace, so snuggling with him will make you all warm and cozy, drifting off to dreams of gingerbread and kisses and contentment.

Does anybody else find it a little weird that, in episode 17 of season 7, when Dean finds Cas- as Emanuel, of course- he doesn’t question that it’s actually Castiel?

I mean, he realizes something’s off: Cas can’t remember anything, and, well.. He’s got a wife.

But, still. When Sam escaped from hell, he questioned it. He needed proof that he wasn’t a demon or a shapeshifter, or whatever. Same goes for whenever their hunting down said monsters.

But, no. He doesn’t use salt rounds, a silver knife, holy water- the works. Dean tells him what he needs Cas- erm, Emanuel- to do, and just road trips with him.

This may just be my shipper heart reading into the subtext- but, seriously. Dean is a smitten kitten and nothing shall convince me otherwise.



The tabloids, they’re waiting for them to cross paths, he knows. They sit outside his door; circling the air like vultures waiting to pounce.

He stays inside, doesn’t go out: only chooses to take up small gigs on week nights, where the crowd isn’t as large or as daunting. They’ve taken to chanting her name when he takes his prerequisite spot in the middle of the stage. He supposes it’s his own damn fault, for singing songs about, you know – her instead of the usual favourites. He lowers his head so they might not see his lips curl. (x) (x)

FOR THE DARLING goldcaught.

Imagine taking a day by the sea with the Winchesters...

“Hey Sam, could you pass me a beer?” You said, sitting back and moving the neckline of your shirt down a touch for maximum sun. Sam threw a beer in your general direction, which you caught with only a little fumbling.

“Mmm. Ice cold too? What would I do without you, Sam.” You laughed.

“You’d be just as amazing as you are already.” He replied with a smirk.

“Alright guys, that’s gross, get a room.” Dean muttered, rolling his eyes as he took a sip from his own beer.

“Shut up, Dean,” you scoffed. “Here’s to cold beer and days off with sun and sea.”

“Now that’s something I can drink to.” Dean said clinking his drink against yours and Sam’s in turn, before settling back with a sigh.


debby ryan as squirrel girl 


»  Veronica Mars | An AU »

Special agent Veronica Mars is cynical, resilient, and clever. An illustrious track record is proof of her laurels. She becomes drawn to the brilliant but womanizing investigative reporter, Logan Echolls, when she agrees to help the maverick reporter with his personal investigation into the questionable death of his long-time friend.