i know a lot of people judge me when i say that i love gossip girl but … honestly!?!? that show is so real. sure, they live abnormal lives where they’re treated like 30-year-olds and they go to crazy, fancy parties and date people twice their age, but the story lines are so real. like blair is just an insecure teenage girl who wants her mother’s approval and wants to be independent and mean something to people, but has a bad way of showing it. and nate just tries to do the right thing all the time and be nice to his family and friends, but still manages to screw up and get himself into love triangles and trouble. i don’t care if you don’t like the show, but don’t you dare disrespect it.

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You will be pulled into the dark neverending abyss of dan and phil and you wont be able to get out. You shall become one of us

*looks down, wipes away tear* It’s…it’s too late, anon. *starts drawing cat whiskers on face* No one warned me. *tries deleting disgusting amount of videos I watched yesterday from history* I just went in and…it’s too late. *wonders how Dil is doing and if Eliza is still stalking him* This is my home screen now:

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If you are anti- pretty much everything to do with Naruto at this point, why still follow news and adaptations about it? It seems unhealthy almost 6 months after the ending, to be so angry about pairings. Bashing kids names won't change anything. All the bashing just promotes a cycle of hate. That can't feel good for anyone (on both sides really). Anyways as a fan of the series for about 10 years (and who saw this ending coming 1000 miles away) I hope you guys find some peace in the future.

I don’t actively follow any tags, I just judge what appears on my dash. But it’s difficult to ignore what’s happening and pretend everything’s okay. I tried doing that months ago and I found that to be even more unhealthy for me than letting out my feelings and finding comfort in likeminded people. When all this is over I’ll hopefully be able to find peace, but even now it hurts just even seeing people cosplaying Naruto. I can’t even escape it on Facebook when news sites I follow like Kotaku keep posting articles on the damn Burrito movie, talking about how this was the ending that “everyone wanted”. It just hurts. Maybe one day it won’t, but that doesn’t stop it from hurting now.

I saw SS/NH coming to a degree. I honestly wouldn’t have cared. But it was how they became canon and how this manga ended that stabbed my heart. That Naruto broke all of his promises to Nagato, Jiraiya, Sasuke, that he became a huge douchebag and became the keeper of the status quo he claimed he’d never be. That Sasuke was abandoned to wander the world with no closure to any of the things he’d sought after for so long. That even the shitty pairings I knew were probably going to become canon were made canon on a whim and weren’t even developed properly even at the very end. It was the worst possible ending this manga could’ve gotten in my eyes. All the characters were violated and the only goals met were Hinata got into Naruto’s pants, Sakura got into Sasuke’s pants, and Naruto became hokage. Nothing else mattered in the eyes of SP and Kishimoto, and that hurts.

I’m anti everything Naruto became after 698. I still love Naruto, which is why this ending still hurts me so. It’s like how I love Star Wars but really fucking HATE the prequels with a burning passion and still rant about how shitty they are to this day. I rant about how much I hate them because of how much I love Star Wars. I want to stop hating this ending and just move on, but I can’t when crap still comes out appearing on my dash or Facebook or on bookstore shelves and I have to keep going over it in my mind that this shit is making money and SP thinks this is what people want. I just have to deal with it in my own way, and for now ranting about it and properly tagging it in the anti tags to converse with like-minded people is the way I’m doing that. I don’t intend to confront pro-people, it’s just people like you and other SSheeple and NHers just have the equally unhealthy habit of stalking the anti tags and trying to push their ideas down the throats of antis that don’t want to hear it, or reblogging and commenting on posts that were properly tagged originally but someone wanted to crosstag for shits and giggles. I don’t want to confront pro-ending people. I have a long list of people on my ignore list for that very reason. And I wish I could post my rants without chancing encounters with those very people I want to avoid who take some pleasure in stalking anti tags and antagonizing people like me.

Oh look, I attempted to make a banner, tried been the key word here so don’t judge me too harshly hehe..

Anyway, HELLO there! Your awkward mod here! :)  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend ahead…

SO, This is the dreaded mod post I spoke of yesterday. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking regarding the community and I think it is time I humbly ask for help in running this blog. I’m extremely zealous about ZUTARA, it is, after all, the second closest thing I have to a child. It’s my baby, and  I’ve put a lot of time and effort into it; tried to raise it with all the love and devotion my little fangirl soul could muster. My first ever mod post here was published in June 2, 2011 after Emily stepped down and put the blog in Abrza’s/ aka Senbo-sama back in the day (whom has falling off the grid both here and at her DA account) and my hands more than 4 years ago. IT’S BEEN AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE TO BE PART OF SUCH AN AMAZING FANDOM!! AND IT’S BEEN SUCH A FUN RIDE SHARING THIS BLOG WITH EVERYONE! THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE YOUR MOD ALL THIS TIME!!

Despite all of that, I’m not ignorant about my shortcomings as a mod. After Abrza left, leaving us this utterly incredible theme/layout as a parting gift, canyousayclaire came aboard but once again real life got in the way and she left us. After that I only bothered to look for another mod once but eventually gave up the search and decided to continue on my own. 

Sadly, I have no PS skills, no theme making skills, and my computer doesn’t function properly most of the time. Sometimes I go months without internet connection and my crazy, ever changing work schedules keep me away for long periods of times (I’m definitely back for now though!)!. Real life sucks!. 

By no means do I consider myself a perfect mod, but I promise you I’ve tried my hardest to organize, maintain and keep things running as smoothly as possible. But I need help. I need help if I want this blog to continue to grow and IMPROVE! So my good people of the everlasting, unwavering Zutara Nation, help me. 

I am going to clean, re-organize, re-name, re-tag, and overall regenerate this blog. I’M LOOKING FOR NEW MODS AND GRAPHIC MASTERS TO HELP BRING ZUTARA TO A NEW ERA. I’m looking for mods that will help me with: 

  • Content posting (fan art, fanvids, fic recs, fanmixes, etc)
  • graphics, gifs, edits, etc for Zutara
  • Answer inbox messages
  • Revamp my terrible tag system 
  • Update our Directory and Affiliates page
  • And ONLY IF the whole community by way of poll voting wants it (and we are able to find someone to design it )– change our theme / layout.

So if you want to join zUTARA’s new Mod Team, please send me a private message or email me at THANK YOU!

And this is only the beginning!! Because once we are renewed, I want to try out for the big leagues and dream of perhaps one day reuniting our fandom and having a Global Fan Meeting. I don’t know if it’d ever be possible, but a girl can dream, no? 

ANYHOW, Thank you all for sticking with me and Zutara all this time, and for always been so understanding. I love been here, I love been a part of this, and now I just want to make this place, your Zutara home, better for all of us. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend, sending you all my love,



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on new where i live, a school banned girls running because they think the girls would lose they virginity, I'm getting tried of people, mainly guys worrying over women's virginity, like a girl loses hers with one guy and everyone thinks she is a slut but if she doesn't lose it she eather is a unicorn or is too prude, like I'm not a virgin but I can't let my mom know because she wanted me to lose it when I'm married, why do people even care if someone is a virgin or not

And by that logic lesbians are virgins forever unless they use penis shaped toys.

That hurt to read. Not judging anyone who wants to have sex for the first time on their wedding night, but I think it’s also good to know whether you’re sexually compatible with your spouse. A life of unsatisfactory sex is not on anyone’s wish list I assume.

It’s creepy that everyone asks, but people don’t realize because we use the word “virginity”. But the question is basically “has anyone fucked you in the pussy yet?”. Intrusive, rude, out of place.


“ мay oυr ғaтeѕ ιnтerтwιne verιly. ”                         ________________________________ 

Note: You are welcome to reblog and use these edits, but DO NOT repost without permission or credit given. Please do not remove the source. Thank you.  ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

I tried to do phone backgrounds but hopefully it’ll work, please don’t judge me

So this is like my favourite anime - it’s a tie with Tokyo Ghoul - feel free to use these ‘backgrounds’   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Zeus sat irritated on his bed, waiting for Mason to show up as he read over their text messages. “What does he want me to do? Fuck up the only plan I have?” He grumbled under his breath, jumping up as he heard the knock on the door. He opened the door for Mason, looking over him with a blank face as he tried to judge his reaction by his body language. “So… You mentioned the engagement. Is that the only thing you want to talk about?”

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One month ago I found Bo. Became obsessed (very badly) and now im here with 146 pictures of him in my camera roll. But the bad thing. Im 12. Kkowing that im 12 and that if he knew 12 year olds understand his stuff, know him, listen to his shit, that would make him sick! Hes creeped out by the fact 15 hear olds do. No ones really judged me for it, but my self. Im beating my self up from this because i know if i tried to make friends with people who like him, they would all be 17-25+.

i don’t think you being 12 would be an issue for him, i think it’s only an issue for you
i think you’re being too hard on yourself
take a break
pet a dog
you’ll be okay

When Dean was his man

This is a little fic I wrote because I needed some angst 

It’s a Twist and Shout!Au where everything’s the same except for it’s in modern times ((Don’t judge me it’ll make sense))

Dean tapped one of the keys on the piano.
It has been a year since Cas died, and Dean still can’t get those beautiful blue eyes out of his head. The ones that brightened up his day, the ones that made his world go round, the ones that told them that there was hope, and good in the world.
Now those eyes were gone. Leaving Dean all alone.

Dean started playing a familiar tune that he heard on the radio recently. He loved the song because it reminded him of those sky blue eyes. He began to sing,

“Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now,”

Every night, Dean will lay in the bed that belonged to the two of them. He would always cuddle with Cas, and enjoy every minute of it.

“Our song on the radio but it don’t sound the same.”

Every time he heard that song Cas loved so much come on the radio, Dean would tear up a bit. He understood why Cas would love that song, He said that he couldn’t help falling in love with Dean… Guess that made it their song…

“When our friends talk about you all it does is just tear me down, because my heart breaks a little, when I hear your name.”

Castiel. Castiel Novak.

“It all just sounds like, Ohh. Too dumb, too young to realize, that I should’ve bought you flowers,”

Ever since Dean returned from the war, he was constantly ignoring Cas. Now that he was gone, he wished he hadn’t. He would give anything in the world just to be with him again. In his arms, smiling and laughing with each other.

“And held your hand. Should’ve gave you all my hours, when I had the chance.”

He had spent months on the bed, isolating himself from his true love… He physically hurt himself for not being there for his lover when he needed it.

“Take you to every party, cause all you wanted to do was dance,”

That’s when Dean first saw Castiel.. at a party. He was dancing with a woman. He forgot who it was now, but he knows now, that was the moment his life took a turn.
Before moving on, Dean decided to change the lyrics a bit, just so that it feels like he was singing to Cas. Because he was.

“Now my baby’s dancing, but he’s dancing up in Heaven.”

Dean was tearing up at this point. He didn’t understand why this happened to him. He loved Cas, why did he have to go away?

“My pride, my ego, my needs and my selfish ways. Caused a good strong lover like you to slip from my eyes.”

That was it. Dean was too bad to Cas, he was beating him up. And poor Cas suffered the consequences of Dean’s actions of nothingness.

“But I never, Never got to clean up the mess I made. And it haunted me every time I closed my eyes.”

Those dreams Dean had.. it hurt Dean. It broke his heart to see Cas in pain. Dean decided that, because of that, he didn’t want to hurt Cas anymore. And that it was all His fault.

“It all just sounds like, Ohh. Too young too dumb, to realize, That I should’ve bought you flowers. And held your hand. Should’ve gave you all my hours, when I had the chance. Should’ve danced at that party, with you and me hand in hand. Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing up in Heaven.”

Dean was practically clenching the keyboards at this point. He loved Cas, why did he have to go?

Dean practically slammed the keyboards as he sung the next part, tears spilling onto the keyboard.

“Although it hurts, I’ll be the first to say that, I was wrong.”

Dean almost screamed that part. He wanted to tell Cas. Tell him that every thing was his fault. He really did.
But he remembered Cas’s face, and his smile when he told him, It wasn’t his fault.

“Oh, I know I’m probably much too late, to try and apologize for my mistakes, but in another life.”

Dean sighed deeply, knowing that this part was never going to let him go.

“I’m gonna buy you flowers, and hold your hand. Gonna give you all my hours, when I have the chance. Take you to every party, because I know how much you loved to dance. Do all the things I should’ve done… when I was your man.”

Dean mumbled the next lyrics, tapping the keys lightly.

“Do all the things I should’ve done…. when I was your man….”

((The song is “When I was your man” by: Bruno Mars ))

Personal Rant

I don’t drink.   It just doesn’t have an appeal to me as alcohol doesn’t taste good and I have a high tolerance to it, so I get no benefits from drinking it.  I also come from a line of alcoholics who have all killed themselves by drinking said alcohol.  I explain this every time I refuse a drink.   

NOBODY ever accepts that as a valid reason and EVERYONE proceeds to try and prove me wrong.   You would like drinking if you had THIS!  Have you ever tried THIS drink?    

I’m not trying to judge, not saying you special concoction is what turned me off to booze….it’s just in my lifetime I have not found a need to spend money on this liquid which I do not enjoy.   Just give me coffee, ok?  NOPE.   Always spend the whole damned night with ‘Here, taste this!’ as I become the party amusement. 

Now this also applies to babies.    I don’t want kids, it’s not an attack on those who have them or love them…they just don’t stir anything in me. ME.  Just me.  This applies to me alone as it would be be making and responsible for said child and thus my decision.  Kids…they make me uncomfortable.  I have no idea what to do with them, how to not harm them and I do my very best to avoid all situations where I would be the adult in charge of said small human. Animals, I understand and love and will care for and do anything for.  Kids…just not my thing.

NOBODY ever accepts that.   EVER.   So here we go with the irresponsible reaction to the above statement and babies are pushed towards me…and I always refuse.   This isn’t something I am going to touch and suddenly develop a maternal instinct.   I am not comfortable with small kids.  I have little patience for humans, vast patience for animals. I don’t feel like I would be a good parent, I don’t want kids. Financially, emotionally and mentally not a good candidate.  Sounds like an sound ‘excuse’ right? WRONG.

Hahaha.  That’s cause you don’t have them yet!  Oh that will change!  You’ll be surprised! You’d make a great Mom!  (Always from complete strangers after I curse in front of their children?)  Who will take care of you when you’re old? (No guarantee that kids will either, sucker!)

NO!  I have made a educated and definitive life choice and I just want some respect for that instead of assholes constantly trying to change my mind.  ON DRINKING and REPRODUCING.   It’s not like trying to choose the sandwich or value meal, but by god people just can’t leave it the hell alone and somehow I’m the asshole when I call them out on it. 

“No, thanks I won’t drink so much that I find out what it’s like to die with a beer in my hand like my father.”  *mood killer*   “No, thanks I don’t want kids because I can’t give them the attention or nurturing they deserve and that’s not fair to bring a child into this world just to give family something to play with for an hour once a year and ruin the life a human being so you can have a cute toy and tell me how to raise it.   I don’t want fucking kids.”  *glares for cursing in front of kids*

-end rant-   Sorry, had to vent somewhere.  

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Here's a secret. I've told more lies than truth. At first I was sugarcoating it, until I tried lying and then eventually liked it. Someone's probably judging me right now while reading this but I want you to hear me out. I do this not because I like it. It's my own way of concealing the stories and memories that connect to who I really am, what my past really is. I don't want my friends to know because I'm terrified they would leave me..just like everyone else does.

Here’s a secret I never told anyone (except one): I, too, am like that, and I guess a lot more are also like us.

hunter-of-baker-street said to askyourfavouriteotp:‘Ello Winchesters :) I hope you’re doing fine. What’s ur opinion about Greek and Greeks? Cause several spells are written in Greek and some Gods you faced were … *said the girl from Greece shyly*

“I love Greek culture. It’s one of the places I want to go, and I would never judge a country based on the fact that one of the gods tried to kill me. I like learning different languages like Greek, Latin, Spanish, and Italian. I’ll never say i’m perfect in anything except for Latin, but I hope to learn.”

“Also, I heard Greece had naked beaches. Or even just topless beaches. How could I possibly dislike a country with topless beaches? Sammy’s body is quite pretty under his plaid.”

“Dean, we’re men. Every beach is a topless beach for us.”

“Well excuse me, Mr. Know-It-All.”

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has no one asked for minkey yet?? :O if not, please do them for the otp ask meme!

no one… has asked for minkey besides you. i’m actually thankful and a little relieved you sent me this! ^^;; 

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

Minho! he just fails at sexting and basically ruins the mood. Kibum is more of the sextpert and leads their sexual adventures while Minho is traditional and sappy, and accommodates to what Kibum desires. more often than not though, Minho fails to be smooth even though he tries very hard.

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

Kibum. Toy Story makes him emotional, don’t judge him. he’ll hide his tears though but Minho will be there to comfort him in an instant even though he‘s secretly laughing at Kibum.

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

hmm, this is hard. Minho? only because there’s more chance of him using the microwave than Kibum.

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

Kibum, and he’ll do it with aegyo because he wants to annoy Minho just for the fun of it. after all, he absolutely enjoys doing what Minho hates the most.

  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Minho, he likes to make Kibum squirm… (¬‿¬) but Kibum would do it back to him immediately after.

  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?

Kibum. reality tv is more of his thing than Minho’s. he probably won’t even feel embarrassed tbh.

  • Who laughs more during sex?

neither. who even has the time to laugh when they’re getting hot and heavy with each other? their mouths are probably too occupied. but on the rare times that something funny happens during sex, Kibum would be the first to laugh.


depends. they’re flexible~ whoever is in the mood to hug or be hugged will decide their spooning position. whichever way, they’d fit perfectly. ❤

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I can understand your opinion on white people and stealing culture. Because there are a lot of people like that, who will wear it and then poke fun at others. I'm not Indian but it does annoy me. I love all different cultures around the world and love wearing their clothing, listening to their music and such. But sadly with narrow-minded people out there that poke fun at the cultures that I love other than my other I get judged by others of said culture for enjoying something and having respect

True, I think a lot of people kind of just ruined it for the rest of us. I know a lot of people genuinely do appreciate Indian culture and want to take part of it, but unfortunately so many other people have tried to turn it into something that is “trendy” all while treating the people of origin with so much disrespect. To the point where they’re calling bindis “body gems” and relabeling it so that they have an excuse to wear it, what a bunch of bullshit

on being bisexual

Yes, i’m not straight. And this issue about myself is one thing that i couldn’t tell everyone so it keeps on bothering me more than I expect. I have to be honest on saying that I am not comfortable of coming out. Not because I hate myself for being like this but because the people around me won’t stop judging. I’ve tried before but it just didn’t work. And given that fact, I am becoming cautious of everything I do which really makes me sad. Sometimes, I would get conscious if there are girls near me because I am afraid that they would notice I am not straight. It’s a sort of overthinking but I can’t blame myself for that. Especially that some whom i’ve talked to (after knowing i can be attracted with the same gender) would even change their usual ways of talking. The most common reaction is they felt awkward, and act really cold. That’s really painful on my part because I believe I don’t deserve to be treated just like that. And generally speaking, no one deserves to feel such, especially when they just chose to be honest with themselves.

I don’t want to be bothered with these unhealthy thoughts anymore. I wanted to stop worrying.

I hope everyone would give the same amount of respect to each one regardless of gender because basically we all have the right to live as normal as possible.


I should really stop listening to the same song until I hate it

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this is gonna sound like a weird request but i read a fic once where enjolras wears grantaires jumper/hoody and then jerks off in it and feels guilty but before he can wash it grantaire comes back and he tries to avoid giving him the hoody back, do you know where i can find this? pls dont judge im v embarrassed to be asking this

Hi nonny!

You’ll get no judgement from me; I like this fic too! It’s  Questionable Decisions and Those Who Make Them by Sovin :)

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hey ive asked before but am too shy to come out of anonymouse cause i dont know if any of my friends are subscribed to you but im dealing with my ex i love her so much but she has another BF now and i dont know what to think ive tried to move on but cant and ive tried getting another GF but for some reason i judge them by there looks but not my ex. my ex is beautiful but i wouldnt care if she wasnt but the other girls i do. and i dont know if shes playing me. i dont think she is but... idk ;~;

You have two options as i see it try getting your ex back do everything literally or two stop judging another girl based on her looks and try to move on and get to know others dont be rude and look at them based on looks get to know them, who knows maybe they are better than your ex i know its hard im dealing with ex problems now and have been for 9-10 months i get you in some ways i love my ex so much he doesnt even know and probls will never but sometimes we are meant to lose the ones we love