do you like it


Three different “I love you“‘s in the Book 4 Finale


and you understand now why they lost their minds

               and fought the wars


Nice teeth.

There’s a screen on my chest…

so i wanted to show my appreciation for you guys existing in my life during this fine holiday season and i mean it’s not exactly a follow forever, but it’s pretty darn close to one. so thanks for sticking by me and understanding me. it’s always a pleasure to see you guys on my dash. i love you all c: 


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Some legends are told
             Some turn to dust or to gold
                                  But you will remember me. 
Remember me through centuries.


tagged by daikicestjellahlnannase, and bakagamicchii for the 6 selfies thing _(:3」∠)_ have my love

some of these are kinda old haha… sweats sor ry i look like a completely different person in each one lmao

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anonymous asked:

(yooo anon's open) hey, toasty! i was wondering, are you planning on doing another big animation project after after us? i really love your stuff, and i was just curious :)

Mmmm, I’ve had a couple mad ideas, but I think it wouldn’t be advisable!  Like, I mean really, almost two years punching out shots for a fan video…  I want to kind of start doing my own thing, really bearing down on practicing instead of making huge projects.

Because although big projects do help, I think there’s a lot to be said for polishing foundations!  And it’s not something I’ve really spent a lot of time on recently. u_u