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what counts the most


A sluggish 10 miler this morning, the legs rubbery, the mileage and workouts of the past week catching up with me, wanted to do more but cut it short - the legs were pleading for mercy.  I need to let them recover some, as it’ll be nearly a race a week in May, leading up to the Buffalo Half Marathon on Memorial Day Weekend.

No Saturday run group today, and at least for the next couple weeks.  Three guys are recovering from Boston, where they all went for it, for PR’s - even in those conditions - and paid dearly for it, one of them a 2:28 marathoner ended up around 2:50, crashing just before Commonwealth Ave.  Very proud of all these guys, proud to be their training partner.  They went for it, and that’s what counts the most.

Cliche - Calum Hood [fluff]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “can you do like a blurb about being a head cheerleader and Calums a football player and in school you keep your relationship a secret becus ur embarrased about being a stereotypical couple so in the hallways your all secretive”

Word Count - 539

It’s common knowledge in your school that you hate Calum, the captain of the football team. Well, you “hate” him; meaning everyone around you thinks that you hate him when in fact that is very much not the case. You aren’t even sure how it happened but somehow you got into a secret relationship with him, neither of you wanted to ruin your reputations as school rivals so you decided that in public nothing would change but when you’re alone you could be all over each other.

Suddenly, as you walk down a fairly empty corridor you feel an arm on yours and you are tugged sideways into a janitors closet.

“Ow,” you shriek.

“Sorry, I forget that I can be strong,” your eyes adjust to the the dark room and you see Calum stood in front of you with his usual boyish grin.

“I didn’t know who you were for a second,” you smile leaning forward to kiss him. “What are you doing out of class?”

“Free period,” he fiddles with your fingers.

“How did you know I wasn’t in class?” you tilt your head.

“I know your timetable,” he grins. “And I needed to see you because you look even nicer than usual in your cheer uniform today”

“Thank you,” you blush.

“I’m sick of needing to be so secretive,” he pouts. “I’d have y hands all over you 24/7″

“Maybe it’s a good thing we’re secretive then,” you wiggle your eyebrows.

All of a sudden you hear the bell ring and you both curse.

“Ok so who’s going first?” you ask.

“You head out first and make sure you give me a glare or something to get rid of suspicion,” he says.

“Okay,” you peck his lips. “See you soon”

You slip out easily and head over to your locker where a bunch of your cheer friends are waiting for you.

“Where have you been?” one of them ask.

“Just needed a bit of air,” you lie.

You see Calum approaching and due to the crowded corridors he hand be on the farthest side of the corridor so when he wals past you stick out a foot and trip him.

“Do you mind?” he asks after everyone has seen him stumble.

“What? You hurt my foot!” you say.

He glares at you and shakes his head walking off.

“What’s the thing between you and Calum, why don’t you like him?” your co-captain asks you.

“He’s just full of himself,” you exhale.

“I think you’d be perfect together,” one of the newest ones inputs.

“I don’t know about that, we’d be a walking cliche,” you furrow your brow

“There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cliche,” they add. “Makes other people feel like they’re living in a movie or something”

That day after school you have cheer practice while Calum has football. You watch him from the sidelines as he runs the team through drills and you get an idea.

“Uh, girls, just continue with the stretches,” you instruct, “I’ve got something to take care of”

You toss your pom poms away and rush across the field to Calum where you pounce on him and press your lips to his.

“I’m sick of it too”


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Masterlist // Request


Lucia smiles and laughs all night. She has her photo taken so many times she can’t even count. Kaleb and her are the star couple of the dance. But she still isn’t too happy. She decides to take a break from all the attention and hustle and finds a nice quiet balcony, or so she thought. Sydney laughs a lot louder than most do.

As Long as We’re Going Down (You Should Stick Around) || (1/?)

Summary: Lexa’s seemingly got it all, she’s top of her class, captain of the soccer team, and one of the more popular girl’s in her school. The only problem her crush on Clarke Griffin, and Clarke’s fascination in competing with Lexa in every possible way. All she wants to do is make it through her Home Ect class without failing, or losing her mind, which becomes exponentially harder when she’s paired with her crush, and biggest competitor.

Notes: A couple days late but finally finished, I’m thinking it’s going to be around 5 or 6 parts but we’ll see. 

Pairing: Clexa, with quite a bit of Octaven.

Word count: 3,421

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rexalexander replied to your post

“julibellule replied to your post “☠ smart, talented, popular, and just…”

HAHAHAHAWATTTTTTT omg does this make us a power couple?

and ok just because I’m shipped with more than a few people doesn’t mean I’m not a tumblr baby. I haven’t even been on here a year yet and I barely have 1k followers so that’s still a tiny baby compared to all of you lovelies

It absolutely makes us a power couple.  We’re like Hawkeye and Black Widow, or Tony and Pepper.  I’d say the Doctor and Rose, but lbr, we’re never gonna be that perfect :P

And I’ve been on tumblr…uh…a year and a half?  And still don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.  But in some cases, I have found that follower count is an amazing example of quality over quantity.  The same is true for another dear friend who claims she’s a nobody on tumblr and still managed to rake in several birthday fics (something I have yet to receive).  Just saying.

HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYBODY. Hope everyones having a good day. We have the beach planned for today which I’m super excited for. Thank the heavens I have all weekend off after a long ass week of school and work. Soak in the happiness that even the small things bring. Like having a good cup of coffee, playing with your dog, going on a walk. Do what makes you happy. Write a letter or watch your favorite show or movie. As the people we are, we are so programmed for such a fast paced life. Always on the move but we never stop to just take in every moment of the here and now. While it’s vital you plan and work for the future you want, it’s also crucial to remember you are here at this very moment in time. Make every second of your beautiful life count. Don’t worry about what others are doing or even thinking. Youre here for you, youre here for your happiness. 

On a side note, or a couple side notes I should say haha, my two year anniversary is tomorrow. Seriously so cliche, but time really does fly by when youre so happy, or even when youre enoying every bit of someone. It’s crazy to think how much me and Paloma have been through but I wouldnt trade it for anyone else. Remember that easy does not always lead to real happiness. So if you’re ever going through some tough times with someone you love, fight for what you want. The most rewarding things in life never come easy. That applies to everything. School, work, or a relationship. And why would they, always work and grasp onto the things and people in this universe that make you smile endlessly. The things and individuals that make you forget about the worries of life. Quick fucks and one night stands are easy, they’re the bit of spark but they won’t keep you warm at night. They don’t fill your heart with memories that feel like gold. Nothing could even compare than holding hands and making love to the girl of your dreams. Feeling her embrace when youre watching a movie together. Feeling her cool breath on your neck while she kisses it. 

On that note, me and Paloma have decided to make a two year anniversary video. It’s more so a summary and update of everything that has happened. And like I had mentioned in my last post my best friend is moving at the end of this year. When he had told me, it was hard to take in but I understood why he has to. When you love someone, you sacrifice. And you sacrifice because you know that the future for the both of you is worth the slight bit of ache right now. That’s what I essentially took in from his news and like I said it’s tough but friendships dont know distance. Be it 500 thousand miles away, he will always be my best friend. So, with that being said, I’m trying my hardest to win this edc ticket for him. I want to experience this one last amazing and memorable moment with me before he has to leave. He’s one of the most amazing people I know and he deserves it. So, if you guys could help I would really appreciate it. I mean it. It takes less than a minute, all you have to do is enter through this link right here and then press one of the options and that’s it. Super simple and youd be helping out so much. PLUS, the faster we get to the goal amount, the faster me and paloma will post our video and we have some pretty exciting news besides mentioning our two year anniversary. Oh and if you guys want, since I’ve been getting a lot of questions, you can message and suggest a seperate video I can make on some kind of advice. Be it about relationships, school or like stresses. I am definitely not a philosopher haha, but I do get alot of messages on a daily basis on similair problems you guys have so feel free to throw some topics at me. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED WITH THE COMPETITION, YOURE FUCKING AWESOME. again the link is right here

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Does sacrifice au hiccup have sex with other women after he's had sex with astrid

Nah. Not because he’s sweet on her or anything at first, just because with a crazy wife at home and two jobs, he doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands to be wooing people. He doesn’t sleep around or anything, he’s just met a handful girls over the past few years that he enjoys spending time with. One almost girlfriend (more on her from Mama!Val), a couple of friends with benefits, and probably one random one night stand after a night of drinking. Never more than one person at the same time. Hiccup, even in a darker AU, does not do promiscuity. He cares too much about people, gets too attached. His relationship with Ingrid is limited to sex maybe once every couple of months, when he gets really drunk and craves human companionship. They’re friends/friends with benefits, but he always makes sure to tell her that she shouldn’t count on a future with him. Now that he’s got Astrid, he gets a full dose of people time, so he doesn’t wind up in other ladies’ beds when he’s lonely. 

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1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged? I WOULDNT WANT TO HAVE SEX AND I ESPECIALLY WOULDNT WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH A POKEMON LOSER.

2. You talked to an ex today, correct? wuh. no.

3. Have you taken someones virginity? I AM A  C H I L D

4. Is trust a big issue for you? Yeah. actually a lot.

5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently? does hanging out with my pokemon loser friend on aqworlds count.

6. What are you excited for? 

  • the next chapter of dorohedoro

7. What happened tonight?
nothing as usual

8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted? YES. actually a couple days ago i overheard these dumb girls WHO ARE THE SAME AGE AS ME talking about how they wanna get super high after school.

9. Is confidence cute?
wuh. is that cute to people. i find it very admirable tho.

10. What is the last beverage you had?
MY TEARS, I think it was milk. i need to get taller, man. i wanna be like 300 ft.


Sprouts update!

Photo one- These are my snapdragon sprouts..the packet said sprinkle on top of the soil and don’t cover them at all! So I sprinkled some but forgot how much I sprinkled, and so I sprinkled more. And then did that about three more times. So now I have more snapdragon sprouts than I can bother counting!

Photo two- My butterfly flower and perennial daisies were doing so well but now they’ve started wilting and I’m devastated :(((( I moved them for more humidity in hopes of that being the cause!

Photo three- Out of six borage seeds, only one has turned into a sprout! But I can’t help but admire how fast it’s growing, only a couple of days old and already so thick and sturdy, even already has its fuzz! Makin mama proud 🌱

slightly-fixated asked:

OC Question - 27, 36, and 45, please!

27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song?

I swear that I did but I am drawing a complete blank right now >.< 

36. Do you have OC pairs where the other part belongs to someone else (siblings, lovers, friends etc)?

Yes! Again to my WoW toons. My blood elf Fraeyin is with my friend’s night elf. My night elf Garethil is with my friend’s night elf. My draenei Rasyl has been with her husband, my friend’s night elf, for longer than I’ve ever even been in a real life relationship xD For Dragon Age, I ship Shae with a couple other people’s OC’s so I don’t know if those count. 

45. A character you no longer use?

My draenei paladin, Ilsvett. She was one of my favorite characters ever. Incredibly surly, hard ass, rude to people, she had literally no fucks to give. She was a battle-hardened warrior who’d spent most of her long life fighting one enemy after another. She was blindly devoted to her faith, she believed her people were superior to all others and everyone else was a bunch of misguided fools. She was the Battle Commander for my RP guild, she led the troops. She was also a huge hypocrite, she was fiercely devoted to anyone who earned her loyalty, and she was utterly and completely terrified of rabbits. But there was some really upsetting falling out with a friend and it kind of tainted Ilsvett for me. I just get sad whenever I play her anymore. 


Here’s yesterday’s recap. Not a bad day! My evening plans changed when a couple of really cool girls from work invited me out after work for steak. It was sooooo good!

Anyway, my husband has essentially planned our entire weekend, starting with us hosting two couple tonight for board games, Mario Kart, and dinner so I’m up earlier than normal on my day off to get my workout in and do housework. I would complain, but all the plans are fun, and I have five days off (counting today) before I have to go back to work so I will get some lazy time later.

Happy Friday! 🎉


On the 22nd of May, Ireland is holding a Marriage Equality referendum. This day will decide the future for all same sex couples in Ireland.

I can’t even begin to explain how important it is to vote Yes in the referendum. So many people support and believe in marriage equality, but simply aren’t bothered to vote. This referendum is so so so important, and we can’t just assume that the Yes vote will win. It mightn’t. 

So please, for the love of God, if you are 18 then VOTE! Do not assume that the Yes vote will win. Every single vote counts. If you believe that same sex couples deserve the right to marry, then help them achieve those rights by voting!

I turn 18 shortly after the referendum so I won’t be able to vote and it absolutely kills me. So please, if you can vote, then vote. You will be changing the lives of so many people for the better. 

Even if you’re not from Ireland, please spread the word. I’m sure everyone knows just how important it is that the Yes vote wins. 

[ A little heads-up: If you’ve sent me an ask in the past couple of days and I didn’t respond, then please, do send it again! I’ve so far counted three cases of Tumblr-ate-your-ask, and chances are your ask has befallen the same unfortunate fate! Keep in mind: I would never ignore anyone! Even if I don’t want to rp with you (which is like a 0,000000000001% chance) I would let you know rather than to ignore your ask or post. ]

I am not a fan of pumping. I prefer letting him nurse all day long than give a bottle and pump for that feeding. I have 100oz in the freezer since I started pumping at the end of February and I haven’t even used any of it besides a couple bags I had from let downs I caught. Going to work is going to be hard because he NEEDS to take a bottle at least twice and I’m in the process of getting him used to it, but he hates it. I’ve tried the munchkin latch brand and i just bought the Medela Calma, but he doesn’t care for either. I’m giving the Calma some more time before I count it as a loss because it was expensive and I really do think it’s the closest to actually breast feeding we could get if he would just give it a try.

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Could I ask for some cuddling with tyl!Hibari, please? ;v;

(Of course can! It gives me something to do now that I have a mid semester break. Though does this count as cuddling because idk?)

Knocking on the door to Hibari’s office you waited a couple of minutes before knocking again only to receive no answer. Frowning lightly you pushed opened the door, worried about him even though you knew he could handle himself in a fight. 

Flicking the light on you blinked confused to see the office to be empty bare except for Hibird who was perched atop a pile of completed paperwork. Upon your enter Hibird looked up chirping excitedly, flapping her little wings and circling around your head before soaring down the hallway.

Hmm where’s she going? You wondered turning off the light and closing the door to your lover’s office before padding after his cute canary. Speeding up you soon found yourself at the stairs to the roof, blinking you chuckled lightly shaking your head at Hibari’s location.

“Grazie little one,” you spoke softly “would you like a ride upstairs.” You offered her your head as a perch, smiling as she settled down and began to preen her beautiful yellow feathers.

Making quick work of the stairs you gently opened the door to the roof, smiling as you spotted Hibari pacing in irritation. Walking through the door way you made sure to close it behind you before approaching him. Once you had stopped in front of him he proceeded to tug you down into a sitting position as he laid his head down on your lap.  

Running your hands through his hair you smiled, suppressing your giggles at the purring like noise it caused him to emit. Humming softly you leaned back against the wall settling yourself in for a long wait for the talk you had wanted because it was either this or Kusakabe would have to find replacement members for the foundation.

“Sleep well,” you whispered quietly towards the slumbering demon “you deserve it Kyouya.”

I was tagged by harlentyrell

Rules: Answer these questions and tag 10 people you would like to get to know better.

• Nicknames: There isn’t much you can do to shorten Vy but some people called me Vivi in the sixth grade and a couple people called me by my last name if that counts??
• Birthday: September 28, 2000 
• Gender: Female
• Height: 5'4″ 
• Sexual orientation: Pansexual yeeee
• Favourite colour: I absolutely adore green. Dark or light either way
• Time & date at current moment: 2:24 PM 4.19.2015 (i didn’t see this until about 10 minutes ago even though I was tagged like 4 days ago)
• Average hours of sleep: like 7?? i wake up at 6 ish every single day and go to sleep at 11 which sucks because waking up at 6 on a saturday is not a fun time
• Lucky Number: 14
• Last thing I Googled: Immigration Policies and the lack of skilled workers in the US (I’m working on an immigration policy paper for my geography class)
• First word that comes to mind: carrots
• One place that makes me happy:  Chipotle
• How many blankets I sleep under: One really soft one 
• Favourite Fictional Character: There are so many that I could list off i’m? I can’t choose??? I absolutely love Minho?? also Stiles and Derek but IM???
• Favourite Anime: I”M TERRIBLE I HAVEN’T SEEN ANY ANIME but i’m hoping to watch hetalia, black butler, death note, attack on titan, and naruto.

• Favourite TV shows: KITCHEN NIGHTMARES all the way. Gordon Ramsay is so cute i”m?? and i love teen wolf and shameless is nice too 
• Last movie I’ve seen in cinema: Macfarland! It was so great!
• Dream holiday: i’m not sure i understand this question? like i create a holiday or like how would i spend my actual fav holiday. because i would love to be in times square during new years lmao. NEW YEARSSSS also viet new years is also really great because i get to see all these great things relating to my culture
• Dream wedding:I don’t really know tbh? like an outdoor wedding with really pretty light purples and whites and light blues would be nice.  
• Dream job: I really want to be a psychologist or neurologist/neurosurgeon. Like the brain is super interesting in my opinion and all I want to do is learn about it and i just yessss
• What are you wearing right now: black running shorts and my fly emirates soccer jersey
• Last book you read: In English, we’ve read Beowulf but on my own the last book I’ve read is Blood of Olympus

tags: miagician thentheremustbealock tinygaskarth yourkeeperoftherunners shuckfaceparadise loveyoulots31394 superwolf-pottermouse xshippingx and anyone else who wants to do this too! :)

today was Not A Very Good Day

i started my period and that would be why i was 1) in varying degrees of pain for the eNTIRE FUCKIN DAY 2) tired 3) cranky and 4) wanted to fucking puke up nothing several times throughout the day

plus i was feeling particularly hopeless today about the state of my chest because i kept seeing stuff about binding safely and i really wanted to bind my chest with something meaning i wanted to look around the house for ace bandages even though binding with ace bandages is literally one of the worst things you can do. i suppose that counts as dysphoria.

[by “puke up nothing” i mean i haven’t been eating anything really substantial on a consistent basis for the last couple days but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at least my hair is on point]

84/90 Days

I came to study in Europe 84 days ago, for 90 days. I have been living and taking classes in a castle with two moats, a garden, and a 13th century tower. I have been traveling in one way or another for 10 weekends across Europe. I have been to 10 countries and 21 cities. I’ve taken countless flights, trains and even a couple (rocky) ferry rides.

Next week 82 students and I will be leaving the castle for probably the last time in our lives (unless we somehow find ourselves in the small village of Well in the future). During the week we eat, sleep, study (heh) and do everything in between at the castle with the same 83 people. On the weekends we travel in small groups, often with similar groups from previous weekends. But in just 6 days, all 83 of us probably won’t find ourselves in one place ever again. Although I’m really counting on someone out there to host some kind of big reunion.

In 6 days most students will head back to Boston, visit with their friends and then head home. A small group of students will continue their travels in Europe for a little while before they have to go home, including myself. After this is over I will go to London for a few days and then Greece for two weeks. And even though I will be in Europe for three more weeks, I am leaving the crazy, weird, and amazing Spring 2015 semester at the castle.

I came to the castle really nervous and really scared for what might come. I didn’t have any friends coming to the castle and I didn’t know where I wanted to travel. It changed so quickly. I am happy to say I have made so many great friends and been so many places. But aside from all that, I think it is easy for me to say that I have seen a change in myself as well. I couldn’t describe it in words if I wanted to. Sorry.

If you ever get the chance to take one grand trip, whether it’s around Europe or some small exotic island, take it.

Thank you for reading my blog and about all my strange/fun/interesting/sometimes not interesting adventures.


I really do appreciate it so much bro. Anything counts, even a couple cents is a contribution that I’ll forever be greatful for.