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Hi everyone! It has been a dream of mine as long I can remember to be a singer for a living. This summer I’m hoping to go to Berklee College of Music’s 5-week summer program, but in order to do so I need a scholarship. This video is one of the ones I submitted and getting views on it would help my chances. The song I am singing is one that I wrote called temptation. So I hope it’s not too much to ask that you watch and reblog this video. Maybe if you’re feeling extra nice give it a thumbs up. I could really use your help in supporting me. Please it only takes a minute of your time.

I put this in the survey at the link you posted earlier, but I wanted to put it here so others can see it, too. 

I’ve never really followed the group that much. I do like some of the earlier songs, and I knew about fictional shipping in various fandoms, so I just assumed that Larry was another one of those and left it at that.

However, a “suggested blog” post with a Larry video appeared on my Tumblr just after the first of the year, and after watching it, I went on a hunt. I read a bit on several blogs, but it only took a few of them and the serious evidence they presented for me to realize this wasn’t just fangirl fantasies, this was the real thing. I was absolutely ecstatic about it, and subsequently read through the entirety of several blogs, learning quite a lot about not only Larry, but also how the entertainment industry works.

I had always side-eyed a lot of the entertainment industry newspapers, gossip columns, and PR mouthpieces because I instinctively knew that a lot of what we (the public) saw was PR stunts and such. Until I began exploring the “rabbit hole” of the Larry phenomenon though, I never realized the lengths that management and record companies would go to. I also never knew how much control these companies had over the artists. Now that I do, I look at everything that’s printed about anyone in the industry with a rather jaundiced eye.

I still don’t care for a lot of 1D’s earlier music - let’s face it, it was pretty much bubblegum pop aimed at a demographic that I left 30 years ago - but since the boys themselves have gotten involved in the authorship of the songs a lot more, I”m finding that I’m really enjoying many of the songs on MM and most of those on Four.

Having said that, I still have to say that as an older gay man, I am mostly here for the love of Larry. I don’t find that either Harry or Louis are particularly or especially attractive on their own, but as a couple, I can’t imagine a more perfect pairing. They are truly my OTP, and I am in love with their love. These two young men may not fully realize the impact that they will have, but they and their love will change the world. Long may that love grow and thrive.

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the pics of patrick at the window are from the first of two music videos for cupid's chokehold by gym class heroes (which patrick sings on)

ah ok thank you. I’ve never actually watched the music video for that song. I guess I’ll go do that now

» “Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go

» Just put your hand on the past,
I’m here trying to pull you through

»You just gotta be strong.”

Art by me
Song: Mirrors by Justin Timberlake


Favourite Bollywood Songs
↳16/∞ - Sajde - Kill Dil

Warm winds on a space ride
When I call your phone on a late night

I recall your soul had a taste like…
Gardens, flowers, Warm Winds

SZA ft Isaiah Rashad - Warm Winds


Early Days | Paul McCartney

We’re so excited about collaboration with Flower, they’re so lovely and incredibly talented! We used to watch their videos on YouTube and thought they were so cute! We’re all about girls sticking together so to join another girlband and do a song with such a great meaning means a lot to us. We love japan and our Japanese mixers, with the help of our new friends we feel like we can get closer to them xx
—  Little Mix talking about the collaboration with Flower

Beautiful Child

"I wrote this song after my friend’s brother committed suicide.
This video was made for awareness of @TrevorProject
so #LGBT kids or anyone that thinks they have no one to talk to
and think they don’t matter knows there IS someone out there,
and you DO matter. So Much.
Everyone of us, regardless of what you have been told
or what your think
is a #BeautifulChild of God.
Please watch and share with anyone that you want to be reminded:
You Are Beautiful.
You Are Not Alone.

If you are in crisis, please call
Trevor Project: 1-866-488—7386
or go to:

Pauley Perrette - Songwriter, singer
Kevin Lawson -Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Michael Weatherly-piano, vocals
Veronica Bellino - drums, percussion, vocals
Calpernia Addams - Violin, Vocals
Kirsten Vangsness-vocals
Lance Bass-vocals
Video by - Len Rosen
Song Engineer - Josh Minyard”


Let me apologise to begin with

Let me apologise for what I’m about to say

But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed

And somehow I got caught up in between

Merlin/Morgana, “In Between" by Linkin Park

The Breakfast Show ft. Danisnotonfire (Feb. 12, 2015)

Dan was on The Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw this morning! I have two different links to where you can watch it.

This one is shorter and doesn’t include the parts during songs where they are just sitting there doing nothing. It also has a screenshot of Dan’s now deleted tweets from this morning.

This one does have video of when Dan and Grimmy are just standing around and isn’t edited other than cutting out the audio of the songs. It is missing some of the visual at the beginning and end but it has the audio.

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Are there longer versions of the songs? Like the Highway man or Patient is the Night for example? I really liked those but I wish they were longer

There IS a full version of Patient in the Night. It’s actually online right now over here:

Y’know I’m not sure about the Highwayman song. That may be all we recorded; though there were a lot of alternate takes if i remember correctly.

 But anyway, you can check out some of Blind Boy Paxton’s other music elsewhere on the internet:

(there’s also a lot more video and audio of him if you do a youtube search)