"He’s not my dog. He’s not my anything."

Imagine you and your favorite character study together, and he/she is terribly afraid of snakes. One day, your school goes on a trip to the zoo, and part of the activity is visiting the reptile session of the zoo, where the snakes are separated from the visitor only by a short and thin glass wall. When your favorite character goes there, they start freaking out, screaming, running, and even faint from fear. Everyone laughs at them and starts bullying them at school, until the day you stand by him/her, telling everyone how much of assholes they are for doing that. From that day on, you and your favorite character become best friends.

Cozy evenings

Fluffy, fireplace cuddles requested by i-see-thelight

After a long day of building snowmen, they both retreat to Kristoff’s cabin for some warm snuggles and hot chocolate ^_^

I can’t draw fire sorry


Charlie & Monroe (feat. Duncan) | 2.13

"This is your best guy?"

chrissslol replied to your postwait jk i thought it would be a good idea to…

Tumblr wasn’t the same without these teelato rage posts lol. But on topic, I’ve seen some salons offer refunds with unsatisfied customers. Or they at least offer to fix it up for you.

YEAH you can always count on me to rant about anything and everything at 2 am!!!!!!!!

but huh, that’d be nice if i could fix it up or something. maybe i’ll go ask my mom to drop by again and complain for me (because eeep i’m really good at complaining to my computer but really bad at complaining to people’s faces)

just take a minute and do a quick self evaluation

do you spend all your time with your friends complaining to them? do you ask them what’s going on in their lives or do you just complain about yours? if they try to talk about their problems do you just change the subject back to you and your complaints?

like seriously think about it because if you’re constantly complaining to your friends you are definitely a force of negativity in their lives

do you want to be that person??? 

Two Thoughts

1) That can’t be legal. (But it is hilarious, and also a great adaptation).

3) Realism? I mean, I’ve been complaining for weeks about too much adherence to realism instead of storytelling or adaptation, so it’s not that I have a loyalty to the concept. But the show seems to have, and suddenly we have year 9s kidnapping year 12/13s, tying them up. The tonal/stylistic shift is extremely jarring.

6th and lastly) That being said: stuff is happening. Adaptation is happening. Laughing is happening. Basic civil rights violations are happening (what? That really can’t be legal). So I do not complain too much.

To conclude) I do, however, get quite confused.

Im dead. The feels have gotten to me this time. It was a worse case this time (I may or may not have broken a couple of things) and cried for a while and was crying throughout and why does it have to be so feely (???) and I just can’t handle the pressure. Why is Free! like this?