1D Orlando → Louis practicing verse lines of Night Changes.


my brother has started up an opticals/sunglasses company called Lewis Fredericks and it’s doing really well and they are truly beautiful but if u guys want to follow the instagram that would be so sick i’m trying to help him gain followers and i’d be so happy to follow you also because if you take the time out of your day to follow an obscure sunglasses account then you’re the kind of person i want in my life

you know that one interview where Matty and George were talking about things they didn’t like about being on tour and G said tour busses and M was like ‘that’s because you’re so big. I’m perfect sized’ and then Matty looked at the camera for a split second like he realized what he said sounded sort of sexual

One Direction on twitter according to 1DHQ
  • Niall:Hi ! We're releasing our new album FOUR , buy it !!
  • Zayn:FOUR out now x :)
  • Liam:Go and grab a copy of FOURRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
  • Harry:We've released a new album, buy it if you want to. If you don't want to, buy it .xx
  • Louis:Have you bought FOUR yet ?? NO ? Do it !