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The best part about the jersey thing is that Michael Sam is only really well known right now for his coming out. He was a 7th round draft pick which means he likely won't get any real playing time until he's been around for longer. Harry wearing that jersey wasn't him being a fan of Michael Sam for his football skills, it was one hundred percent in support of what Michael Sam has done for the LBGTQ community.

He was only 7th round draft pick because he was already out of the closet. Based on his college record and stats he should have been chosen in the first three draft rounds easy.

Ever since Chris Kluwe formerly of the Vikings started talking about homophobia in American Football on deadspin, I’ve actually been watching how US football handles this issue really really closely. 


yesterday’s prompt was karaoke *wink* i don’t even have any time to doodle today’s though;;


The only acceptable way to play a Krogan 

Jason McCall


It will happen,
an honest mistake
in a hot August classroom.

Someone will blink
at the name and swear this
“Michael Brown” can’t be

that “Michael Brown.” Or someone
will be too busy with her head down
finishing syllabi to look up and see the flash

grenades and tear
gas. Someone will be running
late, his mind on the cops

that will probably ticket him
for not having a permit.
Someone won’t see why a name

is such a big deal. Someone will
read his name like the next item on a list
of groceries and move to the next student

before the first groan rumbles
through the stale Missouri air.
Someone will start to speak

his name and then cover his mouth
like a Roman priest closing Janus’s door
and praying all the violence of the world will stop

short of his porch. Someone will ask,
“Michael Brown? Is Michael Brown here?”
and we will all have to answer.

—Poets Respond
August 17, 2014

Today in Psychology we had a debate on whether or not Women’s Boxing should be an Olympic sport. No one in the class was really against it, and since the article we read prior to the debate was extremely sexist, we were basically all talking about feminism and equality in general.

One topic leads to another and we’re talking about gender and sex. Somehow, some kid brought up the fact that there are more than two genders, and I fed off of that with some long comment.

I was sitting next to a boy who wasn’t really following what I was saying. He was asking questions about it, and really made an attempt to understand. What he did understand, 10/10, was that this was a topic that he was not educated on. He didn’t act as if I was stupid, and he was very accepting and willing to hear more.

However, a girl across from me (who, for the record, talked on and on about topics she knew nothing about, and thinks she’s some grand old overlord of equality knowledge) made faces at me saying I was out of my mind. And she refused to listen to what I had to say because she was too busy laughing with her friend about how could I possibly think there were more than two genders.

Okay so my point is, the boy sitting next to me is an awesome example of how everyone should ever address ideas that they are ignorant on.