Rwby Relatioship Week Day 3: Coco and Yang

AU: Law student Coco Adel goes to her friend’s coffee shop every day or so to get some reading done, and some damn good coffee. And then some hobo who likes stacking pencils together starts sleeping in the booth next to hers and in a year she’ll look back at this and think— god, that’s how I did it. That’s how I met my fucking girlfriend.

(AU: Coco is a lawyer who used to have a dream to be a fashion designer but decided to be a lawyer instead bc she’s good at it and she doesn’t want fashion designing to end up being a chore if she works on it. Yang is an Astrophysicist Major who wears glasses sometimes, likes bothering Coco too much, and has stars in her eyes that Coco seriously can’t resist.)

News flash, colored pencils do not photograph well once they’ve gotten to that ridiculous shiny stage. It may as well be a painting, and yet I want it to be darker!

I should look at it in greyscale. Either way, it’s high time that I should put the character in!

Good gravy, my blog title has been apt lately. Pencils on the floor.

you guys don’t understand how much I love Coco and Yang bc their relationship to me is basically just dumb and dumber

“Yang look at that asshole”


“Let’s go beat him up”