Thug Mentality feat. DNME & Wolf Dog - Eglinton West 4 lyfe


Thug Mentality (Shelrock Teflon, Sawd-Off-Rifle & Ice-Man Bossilini) featuring DNME & Wolf Dog - Eglinton West 4 Lyfe

This is me, my Great Uncle Harry and Great Auntie Margaret. They lived on a small island in the Channel Islands called Sark. This island has no cars, just bicycles, horse drawn carriages and tractors. With no street lights this islands beauty was hardly spoiled by man kind, the cottages dotted around the island just added to its beauty.

Sadly the day before my 4th birthday Uncle Harry passed away, we never found out why it happened so sudden, but it did.

Its weird because i don’t remember him we have so many things in common such as photography, astronomy and painting.

I love looking through his photos because they inspire me so much.