The party was inside a temple dedicated to Chalydia, a devil lich. The players were stuck in a booby trapped room.

DM: You jammed two swords into the chains to stop the room.
Questor (cleric): They are magical.
Gri’shak (fighter): What? You used magical swords? But we could have given those to our henchmen to ensure their loyalty!
Questor: Relax, I have 5 of those swords.
The rest of the party: Why does that cleric need that many swords?

The party finds themselves in the Abyss. They were chasing after a guy called Viscaris, whom they faced earlier in a dungeon. A succubus wanted the fighter/thief to kill him and was very specific about that.

Eldred (mage/thief) to Mel fighter/thief):  You are the only one with mobility problems.
DM: You could also give her Rolf’s boots.
Rolf (ranger): Yes, I give her my boots. (boots of flying)
DM: So that means Rolf is standing on his socks in the Abyss.
Mel: No, he’s getting my Boots of the North.
Rolf: At least I won’t get cold.

My core achievement set for Pathfinder is complete! 

The core set includes 63 achievements to cover all the base classes (core and advanced!), all the core races, skill achievements, and the start of some roleplay achievements!

For me to print the full set (with 9 copies of each card because of the environment in which I DM) it cost approx $50. I had to round the corners on these myself, but if you’re interested, please reblog these! If there’s enough interest I’ll actually look into getting them professionally printed. 

New character idea: an eternally optimistic cheerleader bard, whose perform skill is just a bunch of positive chanting. 

(this may or may not be based off of the fact that sometimes I feel almost childishly optimistic, much to my friends’ frustration)

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