How can you not love @violetchachki @Katya_zamo & @pearliaison after this episode of Untucked? Like, I criiiiiiiiiiieeeeedddddd laughing through this entire episode dude.  The actual episode?  That’s another story. 

  • Love love LOVE Katya & Fame’s one-on-one after snatch games.  
  • Very proud of Jaidynn Diore Fierce finding her confidence before the lip-sync.  Wished she picked a better character though.
  • I gasped when Miss Fame wasn’t in the bottom two - but she was ready if she had to! 
  • Ginger Minj had me dyingggg laughing - as usual.  Love her sometime-shady-ass.. 
  • Kennedy took her risk and ..Ru didn’t read her for picking Little Richard (a guy) but.. it was hella funny.  I can’t lie about that. 
  • I played this Untucked episode 3289423642 times.  Just for Katya’s craziness antics and dance moves.  That scene with her and Ginger? HILARIOUS.

This week was a good one for Rupaul’s Drag Race.  Well, except for Max.  :(

Which queen do you think Ru is bringing back into the game though? *cough*teamtrixiemattelhere*cough*

(Pearl knew.  Pearl called it…)

‘The Constant’ was written in early 2013 when Stop and Frisk, Sandy Hook and the news story of Henry Louis Gates false arrest for walking into his own home constantly played in my head. The song became one of my best-known songs once the project dropped and over time took a life of its own when rampant police shootings of unarmed black men constantly occurred. Due to this, I wanted to create a video that showed how power could be misused when given to those that don’t see themselves as part of the community they’ve sworn to protect.” - PHZ-Sicks (speaking on music video/single concept)

Stevie J faces.  Nikko’s shenanigans.  Joseline’s infamous one-liners.  Karlie Redd the triple threat?  Yung Joc has how many babymamas?

There’s so much in this supertrailer.  My brain is still processing it all.

Will you be tuned into the fourth season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?


…I feel like it is better to do something with your entire heart and soul rather than fulfilling your ‘obligations’ half-assed.  Some people would love to see you function as a machine without a pause button.  Day in and Day out.  Non-stop. Until you completely burn out and quit entirely.

Sure.  There have been days where I have said to myself “Fuck this. Im tired. Im over it. Lets just quit this shit and move on to the next challenge..”

But there have more days of - “I started this because I wanted to and I will quit when I fucking feel like it.  You mad ‘cause I took a sabbatical? Blow me. I’m human.  Deal with it..”

So, here I am.  Somewhere in-between “I’m tired“ and “I love this shit”.

I think everyone has days like this.

Mine turned into a couple of …months.

But whatever.. I’m back to doing what I love.  Bit by bit.  Day by day.  Entry by entry.  Its like riding a bicycle they say - and I never forgot how to ride so…

Stay tuned. (Oh yeah. I’ll be blogging about new shit too. New shows.  New shit. Shit that I am passionate about. Because that’s why I started this in the first place.)




…You gon play me? On instagram nigga tryna shade me?!


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Whenever I hate my job?  I play this in my ears. LOUDLY.

Fave lyrics?

Kim’s verse. ALL of it.


A cause for celebration
I ain’t gonna let nobody’s drama bother me

‘Cause it’s my night (my night)
No stress, no fights
I’m leaving it all behind

14 ….More……Days……

Until what you ask?  Until Vixen’s Emancipation & Celebration.

Whereever I am - You Should Be.


You be the match…
I would be a fuse.



It takes a lot to be a boss bitch. 

Dawn Richard certainly breaks it down in her one-on-one with us at  Listen here and peep the full breakdown here!