Looking for pvpers in Elsword KR

Rank wont matter, and any type of pvp is fine, 1v1, 3v3, and even 2v2, though not in the arena of course. Pvping with or against— is for you to decide, I’m alright with basically anyfrigginthing. I have: 


My BM (A remake of Raburn), who I started playing again not too long ago and am practicing to use (cus dang they’re fun to play). He’s an S rank and can barely do damage even with the mostly add/red dmg stack but hes good at surviving— usually dying an average of one death in a 3v3 match. He’s also real good at moving around.


And of course my main, Swarm, an IS who stacks add/red dmg and uses this attire and Lime’s title in 1v1.


He goes all out in 3v3 because of the vast amount of +11s there, and dons the OP Glacial set and the even more OP GoD title. He’s basically a wimpy damage dealer but he’ll try his best. He’s an SSS rank.

AAAaand just these two are availiable for pvp. Reblog or pm if you’re interested in drowning in your own blood or the blood of your enemies O/

EDIT: Both are in Gaia sooOO…yeah.

Maplestory Discussion: Jett or Corsair?

There hasn’t been a lot of threads on Basilmarket, Southperry, etc. that have a good comparison between the recently revamped Jetts and Corsairs.

I think the new Jetts have a far better survivability (higher dodge) as well as better passives (%dex buffs) and I do realize that Corsairs rely heavily on their summons in order to maintain damage. However I’m more familiar with ‘Sairs and before dedicating myself to either a Sair or a Jett - because you can’t do the job change from one class to another - I was wondering if anyone had anything to say about the matter.

I do know that Corsairs have ELE and Broadside which are very good in terms of damage. However, looking at Jetts, the low %dmg and lines on their main mobbing skills are kind of a turn off… I’m wondering if anyone has both of the two classes and can give me some insight as to their mobbing capabilities?

Inbox or reply pleaseee thank you!

If there’s one thing I hate about Yu-Gi-Oh it’s that even the fucking duel monsters are hot I mean like


God damn


Are you kidding me


Stop that.

Like it feels weird enough being attracted to fictional characters but they’re like double the fictional so now I’m also attracted to fictional fictional characters why would you do this to me