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Today is Day 2 of DMBstudios TRIPLE FEATURE WEEK!!

If you missed yesterday you can still catch Wanita the wheelchair witch Parts I & II HERE

Today’s Free Digital Comic is a new TALES from Fashion City comic

Envira vs. Fashion City

I’m really excited about this one… finally getting to show a darker side and more of a city side to this little world with a cameo from the lovely Envira

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I’m so excited to be doing another triple feature next week!!

(I currently have 4 continuing comic series I post online here and there… it’s awesome when I have 3 ready for a week….well, almost ready. The DMBstudios Daniel clones will be furiously working in the studio this weekend to get all the work done)

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FAT fridaze # 108 w/Serge Gainsbourg 


(listen to the song whilst reading the strip for the full effect)


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Pictured above is the main cast of an UNRELEASED comic series I started with high school friend Alex Blain… (waaaay way back in 2003)

Alex won a contest and was able to have the lovely and talented Monica Ray draw anything… so he let her choose from our cast…. click the link to see who Monica chose :)))


and check out more of her awesome work on the link below


Thanks so much Alex Blain and Monica Ray!!! :D

Watch on mramorphous.tumblr.com

I know, I know… it’s over a minute long & pixely O_O *sigh*


Wednesday - Wanita the wheelchair witch Part 2

Thursday - TALES from Fashion City “Envira vs. Fashion City” Part 1

Friday - FAT fridaze # 113

Sailor Moon Crystal

I just watched the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal and was in total awe. Naoko Takeuchi has been a big inspiration of mine for a long time…  I hope to someday create characters that are as awesome and loved as hers. I can’t wait for more episodes!!… They really did a crazy amazing job!!

I wish I could post stuff from the cartoon pilot I worked on… I can’t wait to work on animation more… really flesh out my characters, stories and worlds…

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