this light in the cube was tested during the presentation in class ^^

the script have to comment out the add event listener & remove event listener then can work..>_< 

  //addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, fading);

//removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, fading);

the fading in and out is not working but in theory part should work.. @_@

cube’s current status is : touch on the cube flickr to on, touch on the cube flickr to off.

keep touching (never remove hand)light will keep flickering


Scripting days 

for the codings,
under arduino core functions,
under pin 3,5,6,9,10,11
change ‘digitalIn’ to 'pwnOut'  .. i am combining script with another friend.

so far, i have already try on the codings, problems i encountered are:
arduino not very stable
prototyping board are quite sensitive
lights keep flickering at last i found the problem!
after reformatting mac i realized there is no FTDIUSBSerialDriver. so i went to download from website.
so far the first step is done.. ON and OFF when hand touch the cube but still, not very stable.

The second step which is hold on for 5 second and the light start to fade in and out still not very workable.. current state: the led’s brightness start to fade from 255 to 1 but it never came back again.

Soldering days are also a very challenging part where it requires the time and patience to do it. I remembered from the start was quite an easy for me but when it comes to solder the wires together where it can’t touches one another that area was really tough.. hardest part was also soldering the resistors to the led.. even by clipping it on the stands, it was still moving. Hard till one day in class, i break down in class and went outside of lab and cried. But no matter what, hard times will have to pass and i came back to lab, determine myself to finish it and i did it..  thou is not the perfect looking but i am happy to say that my piece of work came out not wasted!

Finally! my cube are done within 2days!  It was really not an easy job doing a perfect cube. I use my own technique by straightening the wires up 90 degree using a long nose plier. (placing on a cutting matt) Seeing my classmates could not handle the wires, i taught them this method, it really work fast and perfect for them! The most challenging part is to paste the paper on the wires. Initially thought of using double sided tape but it does not stick quite well so in the end ,a UHU glue works well! Have to thanks Mr Swee Xiong for the guidance on pasting the paper too! :D