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im shitting m y pants

okay, poll, for everyone everyone: how do you feel about people politely disagreeing with you on the internet???

b/c sometimes I see a post and I want to reply but idk if it would be rude or what….

Personally, I love debates, I love learning things, a complete stranger could take a 1-note no-thought post of mine from a year ago and reblog it with a total take-down of my position, being really rude about it, and I’d probably just be like “wow this really interesting! you could be a little more polite about it but you had some good points! cool thanks!!! I will now agree with you and/or defend myself depending on how good your arguments are!”

but. I know not everyone is like that.

so like. hypothetically. if I were to see a post in a fandom tag that a stranger made a few days ago. that said “wow this is maybe totally canon right??”. and I wanted to reply like “I can see why would say that, but when you look at these facts, I think this other thing is even more canon!”. would that be rude?? idk it sounds really fun to me. and I’d word it in the least confrontational manner possible. but it.. might still be rude….

and that’s the current situation that has me thinking about it, but just? in general??? how do y’all feel about people politely disagreeing w/ you about things that don’t really matter, like character analysis and the proper meanings of quadrants and stuff. where are the lines where it’s okay or not.