Soo it ended up changing a lot. i like it a lot, but i think i may try again because i want to work out the original composition, and the original sketch for loki was a bit better i think. *shrug* anyways. 

This version of frostiron is… a love-hate relationship. and Loki has his hand on Tony’s butt. for reasons.

"C-c-cold, Lokes…"

(why does tony look young whut *sigh*) pretty pleased with this anyway!

I dunno what Tony did but Loki’s pissed and Tony is rapidly becoming an icicle. (Not sure if they’re even in a relationship in this scene or if Tony’s just being tony by using a nickname, heh. either way hopefully tony can explain/apologize/calm loki down soon.)

Another cutie! She is genderfluid and a religious jew. bc why not? She’s wearing Tallit Katan/Tzitzit (the tassels) and a kippah, her shirt covers her collar bone and she has a skirt that comes to her knees. She’s relaxing on a saturday after shul. 

Edit: Her name is now Shayne Rosenfeld!


ARC!rats : The Team

It’s finished! :D And I did a little photo manipulation of a shot of the inside of the new arc, and threw the cuties in there ‘s well ^^

In case its hard to tell, from left to right: Lester, Stephen, Nick, Jenny, Claudia, Danny, Sarah, Becker, Jess, Abby, Connor, Emily, Matt, and Tom Ryan!

Next up: ARC!Rats: Villains (and then, Tank!rats, laterlater)