Good morning everyone! I’m going to try something new on my blog - every Sunday I’ll be sharing an encounter from my earlier modeling days. I encourage all of you to also share a funny or embarrassing story with me including the hashtag #SUNDAYSTORIES. So, let’s start our day with a cup of coffee and chat! Xx Coco

One of my first runway jobs was opening a DKNY show. I was 18 and knew nothing about Donna Karan. But I must have done well because I was asked to open her second show - for her main line, Donna Karan - a few days later. I went to the fitting, and Donna was there, and she looked at me and said, “Mmm … Donna must love you.” She was referring to herself in the third person, so naturally I thought, Oh, so this isn’t Donna. Donna must be her sister, who had me open the first show, therefore this must be Karan. For a year or two after, I assumed Donna and Karan were twin sisters who had two different lines. I only realized I was wrong when a friend of mine, who isn’t even in the fashion industry, told me Donna Karan is the name of one person. I’m just glad I never asked Donna about her sister Karan…