If you ever ring me and I don’t answer, this is usually what I’m doing..


Haven’t really had chance to post about the new bike yet, well here it is…

She is such a great bike to ride, even more so than Annie (my old RS) was.. Runs nice & smooth through the revs and sounds beaut with a nice whistle with a pipecross panel in the airbox too.. Got a service history as long as my arm and loads of extras added to her.. Just got to name her & fit some more little trick bits.. Watch this space

Blakfish playing in my living room at one of my house parties. I used to throw massive parties all the time.. This one we went abit over board… I remember the door clicker hitting 245, think we gave up after that. The ceiling in the hallway fell through, everyone was tripping on tabs and my old man came back at 8am to find 100+ people still coming down in his house and bits of plasterboard EVERYWHERE.

Why he let me have another one after that god knows.

Good Times.

(I spy with my little eye, a blond JolieLouise)