October Monster Drawing #11: Genie!

We mostly think of the lovable Robin Williams Genie, but Djins are scary, man.  There have been good spooky ones in a variety of stories, from the original Arabian Nights to Thief of Baghdad to TV’s Supernatural to Pierre Alary’s Sinbad comic, to which this design probably owes something.


Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin (1849 - 1928) - The Kung Fu Werewolf

Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin was born in the Fukien province of China in 1849 with a rare genetic condition which resulted in his entire body being covered with hair. His parents, convinced they had given birth to a demon, abandoned the infant into a nearby forest.

A group of passing monks heard the baby’s cries, and being educated, realized he was human, and brought him to the Shaolin Temple. Given the child’s appearance, the monks knew he would not be adopted by any family and decided to raise the child themselves.

This situation was unique from all others because Su Kong Tai Djin was raised from birth in the temple. He was not only raised with the monks’ ideals in mind, he was also not limited in his studies to one master.

He was treated as everyone’s favorite son and could study with anyone. The masters responded to his rare enthusiasm for learning and he quickly mastered hundreds of forms which had never been accomplished by one man before.