My Weekend

So ever since I created this blog, already I’ve been in the process of getting back into the scene. Lets see… My weekend started on Friday. Instead of going into the Acrylick office I met up with the bossman DJ Wrex in Northridge and we talked business while eating CCC. New ideas for Acrylick, looking good so far. We also started talking about DJ-ing and how I am trying to get back into it. Advice he gave me is that “DJ-ing is a full time job.” That is one thing I never really focused on in the past few years. I plan on changing that this semester. It really inspired me to get on my stuff and start handling business. 

Eventually that day I wrote the next blog post. I started looking up more stuff related to the scene, fashion, and the industry. I started getting on hypebeast and complex and just researching. Later that night, me and Mike Santos went to the Acrylick Holiday Release party at the Echoplex in Glendale. J.Rocc & DJ Spinna were in the mix doing some 90s stuff. I wish they did more turntablism type stuff. Oh and… first rule of trying to blog… Make sure your camera batteries work if your bring a camera. -___-

Then we went to MyHouse Hollywood for a meeting, for a promotion team I’m trying to start going for the Hollywood scene. It was dope, of course with knowing a head promoter, we got hooked up. No line, No entry fee, immediate access, and comped Patron shots. It was my first time at MyHouse. That club was sick. Bottle poppers everywhere, high end 21+ scene. I loved it, different than the ordinary scene I usually go to. Definitely trying to get back in the scene. And this scene would be perfect. Our team’s launch date is probably in January.

Saturday… I worked on a group project for class. We got the Pizza Hut big deal for $20. bomb. 2 pizzas, wings, and breadsticks…. mmm…

Before my gig, I picked up Mike, we got there a little early and we ate at King Tacos in Pasadena. That was bomb….

At the gig at Culture 22 in Downtown Pasadena with 4one syndicate, I booked three birthday parties, and helped two people with bottle service. It was cool feeling like I was promoting again. Then it was time to spin. DJ Pasion opened it up, and set a chill vibe in the place. It was my first time spinning in a club/lounge environment in a while, so I was pretty nervous. Haha. In fact, switching off DJs took a while… I was not prepared. I felt like it was my first time DJing at a club again. I actually didn’t do that great the first hour. Haha. It was dark, and I was unfamiliar with the mixer, so I screwed up the bass during transitions alot not knowing where the knobs were. Also the turntables were way smoother and had a different feel to mine, which means I should probably get mine fixed. lol. But yea, the last 45 mins I got into and got the floor packed and dancing throwing on that 90bpm type music. Shit was dope. I got to play drake’s “the motto” to a crowd for the first time. That worked out perfectly. I always wondered how that would work. I was really feeling the crowd though for the last 45 mins, so I was proud of my set… in the end at least. There was actually also a lot of people there. For an unknown place in Pasadena, the crowd was great. Lots of people for a small bar/lounge 21+ environment. Way more people than I expected. Lots of people were having a great time though. Then the security told me to kill it in the middle of the set, when it was packed, to close the place down. But overall I think I did good, and bad, for the first time spinning in a while.

And that was my weekend. It was really just all business this weekend, Acrylick, DJ-ing, Promoting, and just getting back into it. I feel really motivated and focused after this weekend. Hopefully I can keep it up… 

Now for a week of finals… Then we get to business again. :)

Stay Tuned.

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Last night’s beautiful view at my dj gig. #djlife #houseparties #openbar #theturnup #djceeej #acceptingbookings (at Malibu)

Spinning at the @venuetradeshow afterparty tonight with @djwrex @marcm0nt0ya. Hosted by @rosewoodcutter & @vape_supreme. 21+. Free entry all night. It’s gonna be crackin. You don’t wanna miss it!!! #venue #venue2014 #venuetradeshow #djceeej (at Cooper Design Space)