Tarantino Tintypes by Tracie Ching / Twitter

18” X 24” S/N screen prints, limited edition regular and hand blood splattered variant editions. 

Part of the Young Guns Invitational art show, opening January 30th, 2015, at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.

All artwork available online from 1pm EST Saturday, January 31st, HERE.


'Tarantino Tintypes' by Tracie Ching, are part of the Hero Complex Gallery ’2015 Young Gun Invitiational’ art show that opens on Friday January 30.

They are 18” x 24” silkscreen prints on Steel Grey 100C French Paper, in a hand signed and numbered limited edition. There’s also a small variant edition run featuring blood splatter embellishments.


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This is very hard aaaaaa  I can’t decide, so I’ll name only one character from a movie because there are so many of them that I like and the rest of them will be from TV series ^_^

Dr. King Schultz (Django Unchained)

The Doctor (Doctor Who, especially 10th and 11th version Doctor)

Prince Jack Benjamin (Kings)

Dr. Harrison Wells (The Flash)

Hook (Once Upon A Time )

Mad Hatter (Once Upon A Time)

Jack McCoy  (Law and Order)

Shawn Spencer (Psych)

Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Chandler and Phoebe (Friends)

Wolf (The 10th Kingdom)

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Do yourself a favor. Learn to code. Here's how.

I’ve said this to my non-techie friends countless times. It’s no secret that being able to code makes you a better job applicant, and a better entrepreneur. Hell, one techie taught a homeless man to code and now that man is making his first mobile application.

Learning to code elevates your professional life, and makes you more knowledgeable about the massive changes taking place in the technology sector that are poised to have an immense influence on human life.

(note: yes I realize that 3/5 of those links were Google projects)

But most folks are intimidated by coding. And it does seem intimidating at first. But peel away the obscurity and the difficulty, and you start to learn that coding, at least at its basic level, is a very manageable, learnable skill.

There are a lot of resources out there to teach you. I’ve found a couple to be particularly successful. Here’s my list of resources for learning to code, sorted by difficulty:


Never written a line of code before? No worries. Just visit one of these fine resources and follow their high-level tutorials. You won’t get into the nitty-gritty, but don’t worry about it for now:

Dash - by General Assembly


w3 Tutorials (start at HTML on the left sidebar and work your way down)


Now that you’ve gone through a handful of basic tutorials, it’s time to learn the fundamentals of actual, real-life coding problems. I’ve found these resources to be solid:

Khan Academy

CodeAcademy - Ruby, Python, PHP


If you’re here, you’re capable of building things. You know the primitives. You know the logic control statements. You’re ready to start making real stuff take shape. Here are some different types of resources to turn you from someone who knows how to code, into a full-fledged programmer.

Programming problems

Sometimes, the challenges in programming aren’t how to make a language do a task, but just how to do the task in general. Like how to find an item in a very large, sorted list, without checking each element. Here are some resources for those types of problems



Web Applications

If you learned Python, Django is an amazing platform for creating quick-and-easy web applications. I’d highly suggest the tutorial - it’s one of the best I’ve ever used, and you have a web app up and running in less than an hour.

Django Tutorial

I’ve never used Rails, but it’s a very popular and powerful framework for creating web applications using Ruby. I’d suggest going through their guide to start getting down-and-dirty with Rails development.

Rails Guide

If you know PHP, there’s an ocean of good stuff out there for you to learn how to make a full-fledged web application. Frameworks do a lot of work for you, and provide quick and easy guides to get up and running. I’d suggest the following:

Cake PHP Book

Symfony 2 - Get Started

Yii PHP - The Comprehensive Guide


If there’s one point I wanted to get across, it’s that it is easier than ever to learn to code. There are resources on every corner of the internet for potential programmers, and the benefits of learning even just the basics are monumental.

If you know of any additional, great resources that aren’t listed here, please feel free to tweet them to me @boomeyer.

Best of luck!


When I give props to these movies, you have to understand - it’s not like they were all good. There’s an expression: You have to drink a lot of milk before you can appreciate cream. Well, with exploitation movies, you have to drink a lot of milk-gone-bad before you can even appreciate milk! That’s what part of the love of these movies is - going through the rummage bin and finding the jewels.

-Quentin Tarantino


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