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About Django Unchained; I'm a black woman and I loved the movie, but i am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino, who wrote and directed the movie. If you're not familiar with his films, I can understand how some people might have found it disturbing and "not for black people." If that's the case is Inglorious Bastards not for people of the Jewish faith?

I don’t know, that’s up to Jewish people to decide and say. I can say I’m familiar with three of his films including Django and I have a problem with the theme or some themes in all three as well as finding some scenes likable. The excessive use of racial slurs is unnecessary, especially in Django because they way I saw it, it wasn’t used to emphasize the gravity of the worth, but as a gimmick that gave someone the giggles every time it was mentioned.


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The thing about that racist-religious post that annoys me, it that the woman says Jesus was white. Now, I'm not overly religious, but wasn't Jesus born in the Middle East? Middle Eastern does not equal white. ALSO, 'God has given dominion over the planet whites for a reason.' God, if he does indeed exist, didn't give dominion to whites, WHITES GAVE DIMINION TO WHITES.

I will start by saying that yes, I am white myself, but before that, I am a fucking human being. I apologize if I come somewhat not-so-knowing and disrespectful towards any other human being, not just black people, in my views to the subject, maybe I’m wrong, I am waiting to be corrected, of course, but also people need to remember: do it nicely cause I am also a human being like you.

Now, with that being said… about that post, dear God, it hurts my brain so much you have absolutely no idea.

I may be white, I may have wrong ideas, I don’t know. The racism problem here, from what I’ve experienced, is different. I live in Romania, by the way.

Now, I am fully aware that the whole concept works differently. What means white supremacy in the US might not mean the same here, in Europe, for example, but I am just concentrating on how it’s perceived in the US, so my thoughts will be mostly based on what I observe there.

Now, I will start by saying that dunno, I, for example, never identified myself as feminist for example (a subject that yes, I promised I will be writing about, it’s in cooking-mode, haha), or activist or anything of the sorts because the matter at hand is rather quite simple: we are all people. Despite our gender, our sexuality, our race or our anything. That’s why when I heard the shit that the lady talked about I felt like going crazy. I did… and I am white! I don’t even want to imagine what’s in hearts of skin-colored people, ffs! How can anyone in his all minds write something as bullshitting as that?!?!?!?! OH MY FUCKING GOD!

As for what you said… I am not overly religious myself as I said and in the midst of the rage when I wrote that post I forgot to mention that as well. Indeed, to my knoweldge, Jesus was born in the Middle East and as far I know, to my general knowledge, of course, Middle Eastern people are not white. They are darker skinned as far as I know.
But the problem is that yes, God didn’t give anyone dominion of the world in the first place!! Not to the people, not to the animals, not to anyone.
We are meant to fucking co-exist and be nice to each-other.
I mean, to a Lion for example it doesn’t matter what skin your color is when he chews on you, because his main concern is to have flesh to chew on, flesh is yummie to him, despite the fact that he may have eaten a black or a white person.

This is what I don’t get. Are these people that indoctrinated and STUPID?! I generally don’t offend people because I don’t like to, but there are some times I feel like exploding with swear-words, I swear and this was one of those times. How can anyone write that white are more favorite?! Like really, it’s the most bullshitting thing I’ve read in my life, despite me being a white person.

Which leads me to your next statement that whites gave dominion to whites.

Now, I hope I am not offending you or anyone else with what I am about to say in regards to that. I have no idea if you’re white, black, yellow, red or whatever. I don’t even care about that aspect. I just care about not being disrespectful due to some possible knowledge I might not possess.

However, I do have an opinion about what you said. You see, I recently saw “Django Unchained” by Quentin Tarantino. This movie marked me for life. At some point, I couldn’t even watch it, I closed my eyes because it was so violent and so heart-destroying when you think about the morale of the story that it overwhelms you.

Tarantino does have a way to take his point across. I will be writing more about that on another day but I am gonna do it shortly now because of the following referral I am going to make.

So you see, you said whites gave supremacy to whites. Now, like I said, I have not enough knowledge to be commenting on that too much, but what I’ll do instead is comment on what I think it’s the core problem.

In a way I think you might be right, in the end, there are some historical proof that can’t deny that. The ways black people were treated in the old days, dear God, I can’t imagine any human being capable of surviving that. Yet they had an iron will to not give up and fight for their freedom.

What Django Unchained taught me together with the things I saw on Ferguson, for example, made me think about the following things.

So, you see, whites may have been very well done that, mostly, I am not denying that, what I am however, drawing attention to is that the problem is much more deeper. It lays at the core of a human being, aka the education.

Why do you think there’s so much poverty around the world and all of the bad things? Why do you think that education is somewhat so privileged? Because if everyone would have free access to minimum education and wouldn’t have to pay for it too much, the people in this world might get too smart and start seeing and understand the bullshit that goes behind the curtain, they’;; grow smarter and start questioning if something is being held unjust, wrong, not careful enough.
That’s what happening nowadays. We haven’t evolved that much at an intellectual, educational level, imo, the way we have evolved in terms of technology, for example. How can you tell that? So simple. Look outsite: we’re in 2014 and racism still exists.
If we were that developed educationally correct and intellectually imo, we wouldn’t be here. Because that would mean we would grow smarter, more well-educated, with different principles of live in regards to the people around us and whatnot. This goes so deep that it would take me years probably to fully understand and explain what I think it’s the problem with this world.

Why? Because people have complicated the world. Not just white people, not just black people not just anyone. What we must remember is that while yes, the problem is that racism is still living nowadays and yes, black people do suffer and yes, most of the dominion might have been given by white people to white people, the core of the problem is that due to certain external factors like education (imo education is the most powerful tool of the world!), people of all kind of races, so to speak, have screwed-up and have become screwed-up themselves.

Take Django for example… Django was at a point betrayed by one of his fellow men: a black guy. This shows you that in the end, it doesn’t matter what race you are, anyone can screw-you-up, even one of your own, so to speak.
But the most important lesson of that scene in my opinion, while others might say that ooh, you’re turning black-people against each other by interpreting that in the way you do, let me tell you that no. That scene is meant for people to understand that no matter the race, people still can screw-you-up, even if it’s one of your own, as I said, black people can too have bad-guys among themselves. But what is to remember is that NO, just because there are some rotten trees in that forest, it doesn’t mean all the forest is rotten. ALL forest have some rotten trees, despite their race. As in, white people have it too as well, we can clearly see it: the cop who shot poor Michael Brown. That is one rotten tree there in the “white forest”, so to speak. 

The morale of the scene is that, in the end, no matter what race we are, we can all be screwed-up and screw-up. Our race doesn’t make us more or less human, more or less privileged. Or at least IT SHOULD’T!
Because despite the skin color and some genetics, we are all human beings with 2 feet and 2 hands. And even if we’d have more feet or God knows what, we’re still human. Because what makes us human past the anatomy, is what we should all have: Love, compassion, care, mutual respect and whatnot.
But we live in such a weird world where these principles have been so skewed or misinterpreted or painted different colors so it offers different views, when sometimes, things are that simple. Black and white. Ironic, I know. But things are that simple sometimes.
That’s why I am going to get back to my reference about Django Unchained and education.

You see, when I offered and example of that fellow black guy (can’t remember its name atm) who betrays Django in favor of his white master, besides the fact that it shows you that yes, you can be screwed-up by your fellow men, so to speak and yes, it means that every forest has its rotten trees, the morale of the scene at that point goes way more deeper than that.

It is meant to show you that the respective guy has gotten to that point as betraying his own people, why? Because besides of lack of not only freedom at that time, given the era of those times, there is also lack of education, there. And also poverty. While some people might’ve seen him as the bad black guy betraying his own kind, it’s not just that. It was also the fact that he was forced by these external factors such as his non freedom and most important, imo, education. Because if he had been lucky enough to get an education, he would’ve been so good at something and so indispensable, that he’d win fairly his own money and be a free man. Like it happens eventually to Django. Granted, in a more lucky way I guess? That is up for interpretation.
And I know is ironic that Django’s freedom is given his freedom by none other than a white man, the movie showing the fact that Django was able to become a free man because of a white guy, and that still underlays some of the problematic things with racism, but beyond that, you know what that scene and the partnership between Django and the white bounty hunter is supposed to symbolize? That yes, as we’ve seen generally, because of the white supremacy over the black people, they had to suffer a lot, no one is contesting that, that yes, because of the white supremacy black people have even had to throw-away their principles and betray one of their own, but we mustn’t forget why, that yes, it’s because of the white supremacy that Django became a free man, but it also showed us that coexistence can happen, that not all black people are the same, the same way that not all white people are the same. That in the end, we are all people and we should get along, that we should observe that the problems in the world are much deeper than what the surface might show you, that in the end, it’s not a matter of black vs. white that much as it is a matter of some smarter people (which happened indeed to be the whites due to their supremacy) are using their smarts in harming ways, instead of good ones. That they’re using tools that were supposed to benefit humanity in a wrong way, and this is where I get back to education, as I believe it’s the key factor of becoming a better world.
Because let’s face it: the majority of us are all struggling with everyday life, we’re barely surviving decently and we’re barely to make it up there, accomplish our dreams. Why? Because “we don’t have enough money” to be able to properly educate our children, we have become too bitter to teach them valuable life lessons, we are too scared of this world, while there are enough money to fund weapons of war and mass-destruction and everything else that destroys not only our planet, but ourselves as human beings.

It’s a matter in the end of people vs. people, in my opinion. It’s a matter of bright people using their intelligence in a sneaky, evil way, keeping others at bay so they can have more power, more money or God knows what. Because let me tell you: there isn’t a scarier man than the one who is smart and uses his smarts to do harm! Those are the people we must look at, those are the problem. Those are the ones who prevent us to become a better world, who put their smarts into hindering us, the simple but not so rich, thus not powerful enough ones. Those are the one who pay the money to deviate our attention from the real world’s problems. To shift away our focus. It’s gone far beyond white vs. black and while I DO NOT SAY this is a not a CRITICAL problem in our society as a whole, as a world, as humanity, the thing is that it goes way beyond that imo.
And you know what’s the saddest thing? They use this real serious issue to cover much deeper shit. What is it? I don’t know… Maybe the ones who are behind the wheels of this world are scared that people, generally, have started to awake and see the shit they are being dragged into, all of them, from black to white to whatever, and have also started speaking.

Social media isn’t just a distraction for us but we’ve made it a tool, a tool of the people to speak-up about the shit that’s been going on in the whole world and probably that’s the problem. People are getting away from this control we’re all in (which mostly reduces like I said to education, afterwards comes the money) and they don’t like it. They don’t like that what it was supposed to be just a tool of distraction from the real-world problems (social media) is becoming a tool of awakening.

I also believe that dunno, we’re at an important time in history… Look around the world… Ferguson, Gaza and so many other things… Something is gonna happen, imo. Don’t know what, if it’s good or bad, but I know it’s gonna happen.

But yeah, I’ve went far more further than I initially wanted, lol. I hope you understood my point of view and I, once again, want to apologize if I came of as ignorant of some stuff or disrespectful. Please feel free to correct me if you think I went wrong somewhere.

Hope I didn’t bore you too much, heh! ^^

And I would’ve wanted to say even more things but, dunno, lost some of the ideas so I am gonna stop here.

Thanks for dropping by in my inbox! ^_^

PS: I also wanted to leave some inspirational quotes here, maybe it will make people thing about the world as a whole, humanity and all that at a bigger scale…


One of my favorite quotes!


This is what actually happens in Ferguson and people need to understand.


About war, generally… I so fucking hate war! 


Marin Luther King… I remember learning in history about him… But they never showed us this face of his. Maybe this is what they shold also teach us in school. And also, a personal slight note but dunno why, I generally find the quotes, lyrics or whatever written by the black people as the most heartfelt, the most philosophical and close to the reality of the human being, as a race, as a whole! And I am white, go figure!


A message to the Ferguson Police…


Another message to the Ferguson police.


Remember what I told you about education and money? Besides that, a general referral to the Ferguson police, AGAIN!


This is what I like to go for, as a human being, generally (I do make mistakes)…


Yet another quote by not-just-a-black-man, Jimi Hendrix… Told you the quotes by black people inspire me the most…


And because the literature geek in me needed to make a reference to literature, of course, haha, I present to you, George Bernard Shaw.

taytayluvsu44 said:

Can I hear more of your thoughts why django unchained is not for black people? This is not meant to be sarcastic at all I'm just truly interested to see if the movie was problematic or not

It’s problematic for me, and I believe when Washington said that she meant that it is not a story told by us for us and others to understand. 


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