1. Vic Mensa – U Mad (Feat. Kanye West)

2. Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones - I Got U (Tensnake Remix)

3. Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar - All Day (Remix)

4. ODESZA & Justin Timberlake - Suit My Name (TNAN Redux Remix)

5. Mura Masa - Lotus Eater

6. Ash Riser - When Its Over (SAYMYNAME Remix)

7. What So Not & American Honey - Play Packs

8. Fetty Wap - Trap Queen

9. Baauer – Promises (Feat. Fetty Wap & Dubbel Dutch)

10. Carnage feat. I LOVE MAKONNEN - I Like Tuh

11. Drake – Energy (Whiiite’s Future1Hundred Remix)

12. SWV - I’m So Into You



15. Kanye West - Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix)

16. SoundSnobz - Big

17. Timbaland - The Way I Are (TroyBoi Remix)

18. DVLP x SoundSnobz - Overtime 

19. Chief Keef - Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)

20. Mayhem x Antiserum - Pakistan

Mixed By Professor Moses

Mamayooo - Kashaka
Hand in Dirt - Jumping Back Slash
Pressure - Jumping Back Slash
Obuu Mo - E.L.
Yaca (Nax & Rosario Remix) - Dj Afro Pupo
Wossop - Bradez
Ewe Feat. Deeza - DJ X-Trio
Fancy Footwork (Prod. Cid Rim and The Clonius) - Okmalumkoolkat
Put Some Red On It (Machinedrum Remix) - Spoek Mathambo
Nosso Mundo - Dj Firmeza & DJ Maboku
Beyiya - DJ Nigga Fox
As’jiki - BIG FKN GUN
Tonga (feat. Sarkodie) - Joey B
Sound of Da Police (Remix) - DJ Nigga Fox
Bit Binary - DJ Marfox
L’Afrique - Full Crate Feat. Papa Ghana
Kimene - Mastiksoul & DJ Malvado
African Central Soul (Guitar Mix) - Homeboyz Music
Andruwoid - Kashaka 

hot beats for the cold days

Flume's Tokyo Soundtrack

We’ve got this new mix from Flume on high rotation like the dishes at the Sushi Train…

The mix was inspired by Harley’s recent travels to Tokyo and features a whole heap of killer tunes from peeps like Flying Lotus, SBTRKT, FKA twigs, RL Grime and of course his bro-mies Chet Faker & Ta-ku.

Stream it via the player below and the clock is ticking as the BBC will take it down in 4 weeks (so if someone could pls do a dodgy rip and put it on Soundcloud ASAP that would be greatly appreciated)

To peep the tracklist in full head over to the BBC Radio website.

Track list:

1. Big Lost - Diplo
2. Palm Hand - Mr. Carmack
3. Back & Forth - Aaliyah
4. D.E.E.P. - Outkast(Big Boi & Andre 3000)
5. Excuse Me Miss La La La (Prof. Moses Rmx) - Jay Z
6. Raggae Music Tun Up - Paul Elliott
7. Party Startah - DMNDZ X CVPELLV 
8. Capture Land - Chronixx
9. Lonelyfuckingsamurai - Mr Carmack
10. Just A Friend - Biz Markie
11. Lituation - Fabolous
12. 808 Baby - Dookee Productionz

DJ Food - Selected Aphex Works - Solid Steel 13-02-2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll have heard the news that Aphex Twin unexpectedly uploaded 155 of his old and unreleased tracks to Soundcloud and made them downloadable for free. Starting from his earliest demos through to known live tracks, later jungle experiments and beyond, this is the motherlode that his fans have always wanted. DJ Food, a long-time Aphex fan, has been through the entire collection with a fine-toothed comb and selected his favourites for the first half of the show this week. The hit rate was high but he’s has managed to cram 31 tracks into 85 minutes to mark this unique occasion and peppered the mix with vintage interview clips of Richard James talking about his music.


  1. th1
  2. 39 Fnkmg
  3. Floating
  4. 19 Ssnb 
  5. 8 Utopia
  6. 19 [Slo]w early morning clissold sunrise
  7. 21 Hapshifter 1
  8. 12 Rough Beat Tune
  9. Luke Vibert - Spiral Staircase [Future Music competition] [afx remix]
  10. Thy’re Here Aahha 
  11. 33 Jonny Hawkes Broken Guitar[not Finished] 
  12. 4 Red Calx [slo]
  13. 4 Red Calx
  14. 34.5 P.e.
  15. 5 heliosphan live
  16. 2 Afx 126b
  17. 15 Bradley Jam Pump 
  18. GPO Beat
  19. Mortal 08
  20. PrncDMC
  21. Fork Rave 
  22. T13 Quadraverb
  23. 1 P-String
  24. 13 Short Mental fax
  25. 14 Make a Baby
  26. 14 Moodular Acid [pissflaps mix]
  27. 18 Mello Punchy
  28. tigercubdelay
  29. (HAB un23) (unfinished)
  30. 26 5 Demo
  31. Th1 [slo]


+ the best mixes of the week >> Jonny White * Dimitri From Paris * Jamie XX B2B Mike Simonetti * Marcos Cabral * PARIS, IL * Borrowed Identity * Chateau Marmont * Autograf * Detroit Swindle * DEEP88 * Tough Love * Miami Horror

This week’s exclusive MOARRR mix is special is many ways. It was made by our long time partner and collaborator, our disco brother, the Cat with zillion tricks; please give it up to Copycat!Of course we had few questions, and obviously he had suppahhh answers… 

MOARRR: How’s things in the Cat World? What are you working on at the moment?  

COPYCAT: All good here, thanks. Keeping busy with this and that and have quite a few projects in the pipeline. A handful of releases coming up shortly, primarily remixes for some really cool artists. Expect Copycat disco interpretations from bands from such diverse places as Mexico, Ireland, Canada and the Netherlands. I’m on Jerry Bouthier’s new compilation as well – Mystery Tour – with a remix I did for Go Satta; out today (May 4) (on Emerald & Doreen, a great little German label I’ve been working quite a lot with the past 18 months. Also got a release for Nude Records, coming in June. And for those who like my mixtapes, expect another one shortly - this time for Heartbeats Radio, a fairly new project by Le Gammeltoft, who used to have the coolest show on Danish national radio (Unga Bunga), but who’s now focusing on her new entertainment/culture platform now. Very cool.

In other news, I’m desperately trying to find time to complete a few of my own releases as well and follow up my previous disco EPs. Seems I’m always 3-4 commissions behind though. But I’ve promised a few labels to get my shit together this year. Hopefully, there’ll be something after the summer.

MOARRR:  What’s do you do besides of making music? 

COPYCAT: I’m rather busy being the creative director at an ad agency that I own together with a couple of friends - Guts & Glory in Sweden. We work with major and global brands such as Unilever/Knorr, Thule, and IKEA Family alongside a handful large national and a few local ones as well. Business is really good, which means that time for music is a bit restrained. But I’m not complaining. It’s great fun and we’re doing rather well. Creatively as well, winning a few ad awards every now and then. Most recently, a Silver award in the acclaimed Swedish Design Prize. And just the other day we got a Bronze award for a cool extreme sport magazine we did for Thule, called Passion. Apart from work, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. Got an 8-year-old, he’s the apple of my eye, and keeps me busy with football, Playstation and what not.

MOARRR: You made your name with making mashups end edits, how do you see the scene today? 

COPYCAT: I don’t follow the scene as closely as I used to, unfortunately. But my mashups and bootleg edits certainly opened up quite a few doors for me with some great people and labels. Eventually, I sort of got tired of producing them and started concentrating on my own stuff and remixes. But I cannot deny that every time I hear a truly great mashup, it makes me want to run back to my home studio and do one myself. Every now and then I really do as well. Occasionally I even post them for others to hear. Good fun!

As for the scene, I believe I am a bit in two minds, really. On the one hand, I do stumble across some truly great mashups every now and then that leave me flabbergasted. On the other hand, it seems it has all become rather diluted. Everyone and their dog seem to be doing them nowadays and there is even software doing the job for you, which sort of spoils the fun. But I guess I don’t really mind. As long as people are having fun, both producing them and listening to them, it’s all good. Making music - whatever the sort - is always a good thing. I usually rely on trustworthy curators, such as yourself and the good folks over at Mashstix to pick out the creme de la creme for me, whenever I feel like listening to them.

MOARRR: Tell us about the concept of this mix… 

COPYCAT: Well, it’s no secret that I’m an 80s man at heart. And when I started planning this mix, I discovered I had quite a few recent tunes lying around that flirt with both the past and the present… I threw in a handful of other recent faves - and there you have it, basically. Definitely no rocket science - just good ol’ clean fun. Oh, and keep your ears open for a little lapse back to my mashup days…

MOARRR: What’s going in Sweden these days? Please recommend few art, cultural, music things for MOARRR readers who are visiting the country in these days.

COPYCAT: Oh man… I’m definitely the wrong guy to ask, as I’m so out of the loop most of the times. But the festival season is coming up. Every city with a bit of self esteem in Sweden hosts a festival. Some of them with really great artists too (

Way Out West in Gotheburg is your go-to festival, I’d say. A long list of widely acclaimed bands every year. In my neck of the woods, the south of Sweden, there’s Big Slap in Malmö, focusing on house and EDM (thanks, but no thanks!).

But I just have to give you a heads-up on two other much more interesting ones; the first one is a no-brainer, considering my taste - STHLM Italo Disco Party in Stockholm on May 15, with Fancy, Koto, Ken Laszlo and several others. Sounds like an epic WIN! And the other one, which really isn’t my cuppa, is Sweden Rock Festival in Norje, in the south of Sweden, in early June. A heavy metal extravaganza that always attracts major names. This year Judas Priest is coming. As are Mötley Crue, Def Leppard, and several other hard hitters. My heavy metal friends say it’s the bee’s knees.

As for art and culture, I just have to recommend Fotografiska in Stockholm, the photo museum in the heart of Stockholm, who always have great exhibitions. And while you’re there, the new ABBA museum is not too far away. Two birds with one stone. Go!


Dirty Vegas - Save A Prayer (Lesonic Remix)
Shannon - Let the music play - Dr Packer Rework
Le Youth - R E A L (Club Mix+ Club Dub Mix)
Laura Branigan - Self Control (Nude Disco & Broken DJ’s Remix)
Doctor Dru - Gimme (Full Version)
Madonna - Holiday (Acapella)
Jonas Rathsman - Wolfsbane (Original Mix)
Boys Get Hurt - Sand In Hand
Ou est le swimmingpool  - Dance The Way I Feel (Luke Million Remix)
Tobtok - Savanna (Keljet Remix)
Lika Morgan - Gone Tomorrow (Me & My Toothbrush Remix)
Earth Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Acapella)
Orsun - Always Tomorrow
Yazoo - Situation (Acapella)
Mighty Mouse - Ghetto Heaven
8th Grader - Morro Bae (MyKill Remix)
College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero (Matt Pop’s Scorpion Jacket Mix)
Tom & Hills ft. Ranx - Digital Love (Lifelike Remix)
Ley DJ - Get You Up (SIMØNE Remix)
Montmartre - Out Of Violence (Tobtok Remix)
Louis LaRoce - Receiver
Nuuro - Avila (Kim & Buran Nu Disco Remix)
Listenbee - SaveMe (LondonBridge Remix)
Oh Land - Head Up High (Penguin Prison Remix)
David Garcet & M Jane Ft. Alice O'Leary - Lost nights (A Copycat Remix)
The Sweeps - The last dream_(A Copycat Remix)
Wham - Club Tropicana (RKL Tropical 2013/Rod Layman remix)
AIMES - Burnin’ ft. Javi (A Copycat Remix)



About MMM series

MIXTAPE MONDAYS by MOARRR is our quest to help you to find the best DJ mixes. It’s like Illegal Sunday, but with dj mixes, mixtapes, recordings of live DJ sets. We compile them to a handy playlist, so you can share it and find it easily.
It’s a really huge dose of good vibes, more than 10 hours. Listen it all day, come back to it tomorrow or the day after. It’s your secret music stash for the week.
The rules are the same, we pick the best mixes from the recent days, but you can also SUBMIT YOURS HERE. All genres are welcome, but the mix has to be fresh and unique


2015 Hip Hop Mix (62 min -  BAY 2 LA!!)

Featuring: Chris Brown, E-40, Ty$, Tyga, YG, DJ Mustard, Problem, Sage the Gemini, and more!

Tracklist w/ Timestamps:

1) She a Model - YG (0:0:12)
2) Goose - Tyga (0:1:26)
3) Dump Truck - E-40 (0:2:30)
4) D2B - Problem (0:3:37)
5) Dumb Cakes - YB (0:5:02)
6) Can’t Trust Thots - Wash ft. French Montana (0:6:28)
7) Don’t Trust - Joe Moses (0:7:10)
8) Drip Drop - Cold Flamez (0:8:05)
9) College Drop - Sage The Gemini (0:9:31)
10) Body Language - Kid Ink (0:10:44)
11) Nothin’ Like Me - Chris Brown/Tyga (0:13:04)
12) Red Nose - Sage The Gemini (0:14:20)
13) Ratchet - Tyga ft. Joe Moses (0:15:38)
14) Only That Real - iamsu! (0:16:36)
15) Ayo - Chris Brown/Tyga (0:17:54)
16) Don’t Drop That Thun Thun - FiNaTTicZ (0:20:11)
17) Bring It Back - Travis Porter (0:21:29)
18) Childish - Ty$ (0:23:00)
19) Player for Life - P-Lo (0:24:06)
20) Bad Ass Bitch - Kool John (0:25:25)
21) 100 Grand - Problem (0:26:42)
22) Sliding Down The Pole - E-40 (0:28:00)
23) Came To Do - Chris Brown (0:29:10)
24) TBT - Kool John (0:31:16)
25) This My Shit - P-Lo (0:32:24)
26) Post To Be - Omarion ft Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko (0:33:52)
27) This Yick - YG (0:37:10)
28) Freaks - Audio Push (0:38:09)
29) Bubble Butt Remix - Major Lazer (0:39:18)
30) Get Her Tho - Tyga (0:40:17)
31) Who Do You Love? - YG (0:41:26)
32) Banjo - Chris Brown/Tyga (0:42:26)
33) Get It Girl - Jonn Hart (0:44:46)
34) Bay 2 LA - Lil Debbie (0:45:55)
35) Back That Azz Up - Juvenile (0:46:55)
36) Next Episode - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg (0:47:45)
37) Bicken Back Being Bool - YG (0:50:17)
38) Drop It Low - Arkaydion (0:51:35)
39) Toot it and Boot it - YG ft. Ty$ (0:52:56)
40) I Just Wanna Party - YG (0:53:31)
41) FM$ - New Boyz (0:54:52)
42) After Party - Dorrough (0:56:33)
43) She Gettin It - E-40 (0:58:03)
44) Ass Drop - Wiz Khalifa (0:59:36)
45) Booty Me Down - KStylis (1:00:41)


Hey Guys Hey GUyS HEY GUYS ~ enjoy ~


05. JOEY BADA$$ - NO.99


1. Central Industrial - Simstim

2. Camerxn - Wild Ride

3. Central Industrial - Ghost Hack

4. Versa - Vuelvo

5. Camerxn - Hexus

6. Kaya, Feonix - Eon Eyes (Demon Remix)

7. Camerxn - Lacaille 8760

8. Oake - Fuentes Buch: Dreloi Wechd

9. Camerxn - Super-Symmetric Gravity

10. ASC - The Infinity Pool

11. Camerxn - L R – X

12. Broken Promise - Unknowns

13. Gazelle Twin - I Am Shell I Am Bone

14. Eric Serra - Mondoshawan (Fifth Element Soundtrack)

15. ASC - Spheres

If you guys are anything like me, you can’t wait for finals to be over so you can have an afterparty. This’ll do the job, with new music from everyone from Avicii to Baauer. Since the holidays are upon us, the whole thing closes with an early Christmas present. Hope you like.

1) Cazzette ft. the High - Sleepless (Jenaux & Prince Fox Remix)
2) Avicii - The Nights (Extended Mix)
3) Cazzette ft. Terri B! - Blind Heart (Didrick Remix)
4) Cash Cash - Surrender (Pierce Fulton Remix)
5) Don Diablo - Generations
6) Deorro & D!rty Aud!o ft. iE-z - Hit It
7) Deadmau5 - Strobe (Michael Woods 2014 Remix)
8) ODESZA ft. Zyra - Say My Name (Markus Schulz Remix)
9) Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz - Burnin’ Up (Don Diablo Remix)
10) Kygo ft. Conrad - Firestone (Bassanova Remix)
11) A-Trak ft. Andrew Wyatt - Push (The Chainsmokers Club Mix vs. E.A.S.Y. Remix)
12) The Chainsmokers ft. Siren - Kanye (ETC!ETC! x TIGHTTRAXX Remix)
13) Alesso ft. Tove Lo - Heroes (We Could Be) (Jai Wolf Remix)
14) Dillon Francis & Sultan + Ned Shepard ft. the Chain Gang of 1974 - When We Were Young (Grandtheft Remix)
15) Baauer - Swoopin
16) Davoodi - The Nutcracka


VLR - Research: Heinrich Mueller

Super excited about Dopplereffekt / Gerald Donald live in Helsinki tonight!

Investigating Gerald Donald’s output, condensing the majority of his output into 1hr and 20mins

  1. Der Zyklus - Optical Fingerprint Correlation
  2. Arpanet - NTT DoCoMo
  3. Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (Arpanet Remix)
  4. Dopplereffekt - Hyperelliptic Surfaces
  5. Arpanet: Großvater Paradoxon
  6. Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation
  7. AIR - Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi (Dopplereffekt Remix)
  8. Arpanet - Event Horizon
  9. Japanese Telecom - Enter Mrs. Suzuki
  10. Station Rose - Dave (Heinrich Mueller: Stanley Kubricks Vision Mix)
  11. Dopplereffekt - Pornoactress
  12. Japanese Telecom - The Making of Ultraman
  13. Tuxedomoon - What Use (Heinrich Mueller Technik Mix)
  14. Japanese Telecom - Nipponese Robots
  15. Dopplereffekt - Scientist
  16. The Hacker - Fadin’ Away (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
  17. Arpanet - Probability Densities
  18. Ar2D - Inside The Rock (Heinrich Mueller Anti De Sitter Space Mix)
  19. Japanese Telecom - Mounting Yoko
  20. Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest
  21. ScanX - Wasteland (Prototype 2 by Dr Finn & Otto Henke)
  22. Glass Domain - Fairy
  23. Intellitronic - Pixel
  24. Arpanet - Software Version
  25. Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler
  26. Kavinsky - Arpanet Nightdrive Rework
  27. Le Car - Cinematic Automatic (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
  28. Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino

Société Perrier DJ Mix: Ginger Boss and Asian Eyez

 By Rana Good 

DJ duo Ginger Boss and Asian Eyez may not be sisters by birth, but they share a musical bond that runs deep like family. Their sound is fresh and bass-heavy, erupting dance floors from Zurich to NYC. 

For their exclusive Société Perrier mix the awesome twosome (who also run the feminist collective WIFEY) took a different, softer approach than their usual beat-laden sets.“It’s the perfect soundtrack to chill with your closest friends,reminiscing about the beauty of life,” they told us. The ethereal playlist glistens with atmospheric remixes of familiar names like Drake, Jhene Aiko and UGK, sprinkled with some underground goodies. Press play to hear what these nightlife ninjas created for us.

Société Perrier DJ Mix: Ginger Boss and Asian Eyez Tracklist

1. Ginger Boss - “WIFEY” [Intro]
2. Clara La San - “In This Darkness”
3. 1963 - “It’s Uu”
4. Sentinl - “s e r e n i t y.pkg”
5. Defy - “Moms out”
6. Nadus -  “You Bout It” 
7. Ṭāriq -  “7_0∞ 0∞ 0∞ 0″
8. Arca - “Wound”  
9. Blood Orange -  “Rats”
10. Kablam -  “CLOSE(D)”
11. Dexter Duckett -  “Sino Linx Cut”
12. Mobile Girl - “Ice Sheets” (Mechatok Remix) 
13. Nindja - “Una Mattina” (reedition) 
14. #SLIMSEKCBOI -  “Papi dame lento” 
15. Zutzut -  “Agua Negra”
16. Three 6 Mafia - “Hi, I’m Chucky”
17. Crunchy Black - “I Play Bitches” (S&C)
18. Boeystraat -  “Stone Island” 
19. Yearning Kru Ft. Ruff Sqwad, Professor Parkin & Murray Ostril - “Bent Under Rushes” (Hulo ReToØL) 
20. Draveng -  “For Thin Soles”
21. Ikonika - “Praxis” 
22. PHSNWSKY - “Wrist”
23. Drake - “Spooken”
24. Forss - “Introitus”
25. Drake Ft. Jhené Aiko - “From Time” (Atu & Sango Edit) 
26. POORSCHE -  “Carribean blue midi loop tranquil”
27. Enchante - “Sex On The Beach” 
28. Spice Girls - “Holler” (Chopped and Screwed)  
29. Headlock - “Again”

Radioinactive Vol. 2 (dj mix)
  • Radioinactive Vol. 2 (dj mix)
  • TMAS

Universal Magnetic (Intro) - Mos Def
Get Loose - Mr. Len and Mass Influence
Back to Basics - Blu
More Rhymin’ - MF Doom
Cold Day - Black Milk
Brick Walls and Furry Faces - Castle, Blueprint and L’Orange
The Lost Nova - Mr. Lif, John Robinson, and L’Orange
When it Rains - Dag Savage, Aloe Blacc
Without a Clue - The 1978ers
Musical Journey - Kero One
No Gaurantees - Kid Tsunami, Yesh
Mind vs. Matter - L’Orange, Homeboy Sandman
Lost Souls - L’Orange, Hassaan Mackey, yU, Kelsey Lu
Dumb - Jazz Spastiks, Yesh
The Throwback - Sound Providers, Maspyke
Car and a Job - Surreal and DJ Balance
Blah Blah Blah - Brother Ali
Oh Word? - Blueprint
The People - De La Soul
They They Make Geez - T-Love, Chali 2na
Two Things - ArtOfficial
The Chopper - Statik Selektah
This is How it Should Be Done - All Natural

November, the awkward month between the festivities of October and December. Right on the line between too fucking cold and sweater weather. And most importantly, the setting for the 28th Monthly Mix. Enjoy!

1) BANKS - Beggin for Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix)
2) Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (The Rooftop Boys Remix)
3) Charli XCX - Boom Clap (Young Bombs Remix)
4) Paris Blohm ft. Matt Morris - Miracle w/ Maroon 5 - Maps w/ Mako - Beam (Dannic Mix) w/ Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) (3LAU Mashup)
5) Mako - Sunburst w/ Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love
6) Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (How About Now)
7) Charli XCX - Break the Rules (Sava & Razz Remix)
8) Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix - Set Me Free
9) Paris & Simo - Zombie (3LAU Edit)
10) Galantis - Runaway (U & I) (Kaskade Remix vs. JayKode Remix)
11) RL Grime - Scylla
12) Zella Day - Hypnotic (Vanic Remix)
13) RL Grime - Core (Djemba’s Selassie Bootleg)
14) Skrillex ft. the Ragga Twins - Ragga Bomb (Skrillex & Zomboy Remix)
15) Josef Salvat - Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix)
16) Madeon - Imperium
17) Dillon Francis - Not Butter
18) Calvin Harris ft. HAIM - Pray to God


 via #F2t4 YouTube

Nathan Fake Boiler Room LIVE Show

This set is dope


1. Spitta Intro

2. How Fly (Curren$y x Wiz Kha;ifia)-Check Point

3. Killer Mike- Don’t Die

4. Run The Jewels(El-p & Killer Mike)-Blockbuster Night Pt. 1

5. Freddie Gibbs & Young Jeezy - Twos & Fews

6. Freddie Gibbs X Danny Brown X Madlib- High

7. Black Milk X Danny Brown -Black & Brown

8.Danny Brown-Pac Blood

9. Curren$y-Music & History

10.Freddie Gibbs X Madlib- Knicks

11. Killer Mike X Bun B X T.I.-Big Beast

12. Curren$y X Mos Def- Breakfast

13. Danny Brown- Monopoly

14. Fredde Gibbs X Domo Genesis X G-Wiz X Sulamion X meechy darko X Casey Veggies X Mac Miller - Pinata~

Thanks tumblr fam

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DEEP88 - LIVE @ Aspirations Kingsnight Amsterdam 

our man, the one the uncrowned kind of Italian house music, the one and only DEEP88 in the mix at Amsterdam’s Aspirations Kingsnight 

played with technics 1200, cdj2000 and djr400, recorded live at the party