Okay I came up with some of my favorite kotlc head canons:

- Keefe swears. A lot.

- Sophie kept Mr Snuggles for Fitz (since he couldn’t sneak him back into Everglen). He visits often.

- Biana reminds Sophie of her little sister, Amy

- Alvar knew Jolie when they were growing up and had a crush on her for a while

- Keefe and Dex have an AWESOME bromance (they bond over their friendship with Sophie and exchange exasperated glances with each other when she gets all moony over Fitz) (also Keefe convinces Dex to help him prank people)

- Keefe has nightmares like Sophie but he drinks lots of slumberry tea. Every night. (He’s kinda addicted to it now)

- Tiergan is also in the Black Swan (cause he was friends with Prentice… and he would watch Sophie for them ? )

- Dex is actually bi and has?? a little?? tiny?? crush?? on Fitz?? which is why he dislikes him idk

- Sandor used to have a daughter who was killed by ogres; Sophie kinda reminds him of her so that’s why he accepted the position

Yeah idk just wanted to put these out there