diy-table :)

do you want to have an antique looking cupboard or coffee table to give your room a classy kick? here’s an inexpensive way to “get” such a nice item. Just google which way your cupboard should look like, draw the contours you’ve chosen on a wall of your choice, paint them in which color you like and place a table board right over your drawing- voila! 


-diy wax-lantern

just buy some wax for candles in the next building supplies store and heat the pot in a water bath on your cooker. then take a balloon and it with water till it’s as big as you want your lantern to be. dip your balloon into the already liquid wax  and place it on a table so it forms an even ground so your lantern can stand properly ;-)

wait till the wax has dried, then prick a hole in your balloon so the water can flow out and you can get the rest of your balloon out of the lantern carefully.

make sure that the tea candle you will place in your wax- lantern is not too big, otherwise your nice lantern will melt again ;-)




diy- hand lantern

such a nice way to reuse your old cans! just get yourself a hammer and a couple of nails. i would take nails of different size so you can create pretty cool patterns and holes of different size on your cans ;-)

then just perforate your can with the help of your hammer and the nails. 

you can either put them on a table or the floor or arrange them outside hanging on your balcony or window. if you want to do so you just need wire to fix them on your roof or wherever it ’s possible to hang them ;-)

then you just need to put a little tea candle in there and voilà, there’s your own hand lantern for creating a romantic atmosphere wherever you want.


diy- doily lamp

you can get nice doilies from your grandmother’s home, or even from the bric-a-brac market.

-just bloat up a balloon with the shape and size of your choice

-glue your doilies onto the balloon after bloating it up, use clear glue or size for that (make sure to leave a hole at the top - where the mouth of the baloon is located, because that is the place where you have to put your lightbulb through!!!)

-let it dry a couple of hours. then destroy the balloon with a needle and take it out through the left space on the top

-fix the light bulb but make sure it is not too close on your doilies, because they may burn or the glue will melt and your artwork is broken.

enjoy your individual source of light!


diy- flowervase :)

you need: stones, shells, glass pearls (whichever material you like) and grout and an (for example) old prignles can - you can also reuse each can or vase or whatever you like. i think it’s nice to reuse all the collected shells and stones from holidays, it’s always a nice memory ;-)

then you put a thin film of grout around your tin and decorate it with your material of shells and stones. you can also mix your shells and stones or glass pearls with the grout so you have a bulk which you can fix around your tin ;-) 

let it dry for a couple of hours and there you have your own, individual tin.